Best Fire Escape Ladders 2019 – 2020 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

HYNAWIN Portable 15 Foot Two-Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder


The emergency ladder has a unique design that will allow you to set it up quickly and get to safety. As a household escape equipment, it is convenient for you to hook the window with the “V” type design of the steel hook central support. The escape ladder provides an ample length to get you and your family out of your home safely in an emergency. It has anti-slip zinc-plated steel rungs for secure footing.
— Easy to use–attaches quickly to most common windows.
— “V” center support, stable design with wide steps.
— More compact design w/ belt folded under the treads.
— Made of aluminium, steel hook, durable Terylene belt.
— Designed for family safety.
— Packing: Plastic bag and brown box.
Lightweight and Convenient
Made of aluminum. It fits most common window frames and will hook to the window frame securely and will not slip off. The steel hook with the central support of the “V” type makes the escape ladder more stable and sturdy.
It can be completely folded to save space. Each ladder fits easily under a bed or in a closet near the window.
High Capacity
The maximum is around 990 lbs. Product has the EU’ s EN131 security certification. But only 3 people are allowed to climb the ladder at the same time.
The Escape Ladder was built and designed for the emergency. Please Note:
1.This emergency escape ladder may not fit all windows.
2.It should be tested on intended windows as soon as received.
3.All good emergency plans or equipment should be tested and practiced in your household before they are truly needed.
4. It would be a bit heavy for young kids.
5.Only 3 people are allowed to climb the ladder at the same time.

Hausse 13 Feet Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder



Deploys in seconds, can escape quickly and easily.
The slip-resistant rung provides a steady foothold when you descend.
Tested to 1000 pounds, can be used by up to 3 people at the same time.
The ladder’s 13-foot length makes it ideal for escaping through a second-story home.
• The hooks secure the ladder to the window frame or to the sill of most windows and won’t slip off. The ladder hook is RETRACTABLE, please extend the ladder hook at both ends to the maximum when using.
• No assembly or tools are required, easy to use and fast to deploy, built for emergencies.
• Strong and durable escape ladder, slip-resistant rungs provide a steady foothold, can escape quickly and easily.
• Tested for up to 1000 lbs, it extends to 13 feet for use in second-story rooms.
• Comes with a red canvas bag for easily stored under a bed or near a window.

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