Best 4 Kayak Fish Finders 2019 – 2020 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Garmin Striker 4

CLEARVÜ SCANNING SONAR – Shows you more of what is in the water around your boat. This high-frequency sonar gives near-photographic images with detailed representations of objects, structure and fish.
THE POWER OF SIMPLE – Offers a keyed interface with dedicated buttons. The device is easy to use and easy to install. Available in 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch display sizes. Water rating IPX7
WAYPOINT MAP – Use the waypoint map to easily view, mark and navigate to locations such as brush piles, stumps and docks. Maximum depth-1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater. Current draw at 12V : 0.23A
CHIRP SONAR – CHIRP sends a continuous sweep of frequencies which provides a wider range of information. CHIRP sonar is able to create crisper fish arches with better target separation.
BUILT-IN FLASHER – View your sonar data in the classic flasher format; ideal for ice fishing or vertical jigging.Display size: 1.9 x 2.9 inches (4.9 x 7.3 cm); 3.5 inches diagonal (8.7 cm)

2, Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar
The Deeper PRO+ is a versatile, wireless, castable fish finder with built-in GPS specifically designed for avid and professional anglers, with an emphasis on shore angling. Paired with the Deeper App, the PRO+ is the only fish finder on the market that allows you to create bathymetric maps from the shore. In addition to this innovative feature, you’ll get all the great benefits fish finders have to offer such as finding fish, knowing water temperature and depth, determining vegetation, bottom structure and hardness as well as other valuable data essential for strategic and productive angling.
Key Features
• Casts up to 330ft and scans down to 260ft. Dual beam sonar frequency for scanning overall areas and pinpointing fish.
• Built-in GPS for creating bathymetric maps from the shore.
• Generates its own Wi-Fi signal to connect.
• Ice Fishing mode with traditional flasher display and 2D vertical zoom. Handles temperatures as low as -4F.
• Create bathymetric maps when trolling. Map every ice hole when ice fishing.
• Free access to Lakebook. Save your maps, analyze your data and plan your next trip from the comfort of home.
• Operates in fresh and salt water.
The Only Fish Finder You’ll Ever Need
Its unique versatility makes it suitable for trolling from a kayak or boat, casting from the shore or using as an ice flasher for hole hopping (ice fishing) in winter. Paired with the Deeper App, you’ll be able to find those fish fast and start catching in no time.
Make sure your fish finder is fully charged. The Deeper PRO+ charges in 2 hours and uses a USB cable that is compatible with any USB port. The battery lasts for over 5 hours of continuous usage. Keep in mind that it turns off automatically when out of the water.
It has two locations for the attachment bolt. Use the side location, designed for casting. Attach to your line. Place it in the water and it will automatically switch on. Connect to your fish finder via your phone settings and choose ‘Onshore GPS Mode’.
Important: Make sure the Deeper app is up-to-date and turn off all Wi-Fi assistance on your smartphone for an uninterrupted connection.
Once connected, you’re ready to cast out. Your PRO+ has a connection range of 330ft. To ensure a solid connection, do not put your phone on the ground or in your pocket. We recommend using the Deeper smartphone mount for your rod.
Start reeling. Displayed on your smartphone, you’ll simultaneously see a plotting lake map and sonar readings as your fish finder scans the surrounding area. You’ll see fish location, size and suspended depth in addition to structure, vegetation and bottom contour. You’ll know water temperature and depth as well as bottom hardness. All scans and maps can be saved to Lakebook, Deeper’s bathymetric management platform. By seeing and knowing more, you’ll be able to find hot spots faster, locate target species better and map it all for later retrieval and analysis.

3, Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c

Fishin’ Buddy Fishfinder
Mount this pint-sized pal and its 3.5″ display on your boat, your friend’s boat, a dock or even a float tube. With the multi-directional mount, you can clamp Fishin’ Buddy almost anywhere, with no rigging or wiring, or even a transducer to mount. It also delivers easy One-Touch control and AA battery power. Fishin’ Buddy DI models offer Down Imaging so you can shed an entirely new light on structure and fish.
Fishing Made Easy Anywhere
Fishin’ Buddy MAX DI Fishfinder works anywhere so grab you rod and head out!
Explore the sea around you with the Buddy Max DI. With a total 320 ft down imaging you won’t miss a fish around. You’ll also get great sonar-coverage with 28°, 16°, & 74° @ -10dB and Sonar-Frequencies: 200/455/455 kHz that gets 600 ft Sonar Depth.
Water Temperature Reader
Never worry about water temperature again while out fishing. With the Max DI you’ll be able to read the waters temperature of the area you are at. Temperature units are interchangeable so you’ll have the choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Helps Catch More Fish
With down imaging you’ll be able to tell a fish from a rock,branch or debris. No more using equipment that does half the job. With Fishin’ Buddy MAX DI you’ll get a crystal clear picture that will lead you to where the fish go.

4, Vexilar SP200 T-Box Smartphone

The T-BOX (SP200) is a more permanently mounted system that is mounted in a boat with access to a 12 volt power supply (not included). As the name implies, SonarPhone turns your smart phone or tablet into a fully functional sonar system that will rival any high end sonar on the market today. Using Patented WiFi signal technology to transmit to smart phones or tablets. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, the SonarPhone will work anywhere in the world. The SonarPhone creates its own WiFi hotspot and you can share your signal with as many people as you wish, the software App is downloaded for free from the App store and works with both Android and IOS systems. SonarPhone will be offering limited world-wide distribution in 17 languages in 2014 and is available in three different configurations. All SonarPhone T-BOXes come with a neoprene arm band so you will have easy and safe access to your phone display at all times. Features: Compatibility: iOS 4.3 (iPhone, iPad) and Android 2.0; Free App download; Automatic Ranging; Water Temperature & Depth Indicator; Audible Alarms for Fish, Shallow and Low Battery; Fish Icon; Zoom Bottom Track; Noise Rejection; Surface Clarity; Battery Indicator; One year warranty.

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