Best Pellet Stoves 2022 – 2023 [Buying Guide]

Compared with the traditional furnace, which needs to continuously load chopped firewood, the particle furnace has the advantage that it can load many particles into the hopper to provide continuous heat for a long time.

The working principle of particle furnaces differs from other traditional furnaces and burners you have used in the past.

It burns compressed biomass particles or wood particles, so its combustion is more uniform and lasts longer. ‎

The pellet stoves have the advantage of being very convenient and easy to operate.

Most models have programmable thermostats or remote controls, while those higher-grade granular furnaces provide functions such as smartphone integration and voice commands.

Best Pellet Stoves Reviews

If you want to find a winter heating furnace that is not only cheaper than electric devices but also more environmentally friendly and energy-saving than wood-burning furnaces, then a particle furnace is undoubtedly your best choice.

1, Ashley Hearth Products AP130 2,200 Sq Ft EPA Certified Pellet Stove with 130 lb Hopper, Black


48,000 BTU heats up to 2,200 square feet Large viewing window with integrated air wash glass offers a great view of the fire 120 cfm blower with automatic circulation to spread heat evenly Digital control board features built-in diagnostics and allows adjusting heat and draft control with the push of a button Digital, wall mount thermostat included for easy temperature adjustments 9 heat settings allow the ability to adjust to your heating needs 130 lb pellet hopper allows for less refueling

2, Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW Medium Pellet Stove, WiFi Enabled, One Size, Black


26% Tax credit for 75% efficiency or higher Built-in WiFi – Smart Home Technology Heats up to 1200 sq ft 60 lb large capacity hopper capacity Digital control panel and remote included Whisper quiet blower

3, Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22- 50,000 BTU


50,000 btu – Heats up to 2,800 sq. feet! Large viewing area – Bay Design – Carbon Black! Powerful Blower, EPA Certified, 110 Volt 55 lbs. Hopper Capacity,Auto Ignition, Ash Pan, Programmable Thermostat

4, Cleveland Iron Works PS20W-CIW Mini Pellet Stove, WiFi Enabled, Black


26% Tax credit for 75% efficiency or higher Built-in WiFi – Smart Home Technology Heats up to 800 sq ft 18 lb large capacity hopper capacity Digital control panel and remote included Whisper quiet blower

5, US Stove 6041I Pellet or Corn Insert with Igniter Furnace


Features easy light igniter system Designed to help burn nonpremium fuel and high clinker fuels Sure Feed Auger System improves performance and safety Digital Control Board make testing, startup, and operation a breeze with just a touch of a button Installation Materials are NOT Included Heating coverage:- 2000 square feet

6, pelpro Pellet Stove, 2,500 Sq Ft, PP130-B


POWERFUL HEATER features 50, 000 BTU input and 40, 600 BTU output that equals less loss of heat. The stove’s easy to use controls include automatic ignition and intuitive dial thermostat for easy, comfortable heat. UP TO 2, 500 SQ FT OF HEATED SPACE due to the high BTU output and the large capacity hopper provides up to 96 hours of burning time. The stove’s powerful variable-speed blower is 120 v and plugs into a 110 outlet. 130 POUND HOPPER capacity provides up to 4 days between refueling and features a self-emptying fire pot that extends time between cleanings. EPA CERTIFIED for clean-burning performance, 58% more heat output than the competition. The pellet stove is also EPA certified for best in class fuel economy at 87. 5%. COVERAGE provides a 5-year Firebox and 1-year Electrical for the pellet heater. This stove is mobile home approved with the included fresh air intake.

7, Q-Stoves Wood Pellet Outdoor Heater, Q-Flame Portable Eco-Friendly Heater, for Patio, Camping and Going Off-Grid


USES NO ELECTRICITY: Gravity fed wood heating pellets all all that is needed to fuel this heater, so you can count on heat in an emergency; Also great for all off-grid heating needs HIGH HEAT OUTPUT: Up to 106,000 BTU per hour within a 10-foot heating radius LONG LASTING HEAT: Up to 3 to 4 hour run time without hopper extenders or refilling PORTABLE: Quick setup and take-down makes it perfect for hunting, camping, parties, and any outdoor occasion

Pellet Stove Buying Guide

What is Pellet Stoves?

A particle furnace, also known as biomass particle furnace and pellet stoves, is a piece of heating equipment using particles as fuel.

Pellet fuel uses particles made of sawdust or compressed sawdust as fuel, which has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, and high thermal efficiency.

As pellet fuel is a renewable resource, it does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, and will not lead to acid rain and air pollution;

The CO2 emitted by fuel during combustion is as much as that absorbed by photosynthesis during its growth.

Therefore, from the perspective of recycling, the net emission of CO2 from particle combustion to air is zero, which effectively reduces the emission of air pollutants.

Some sawdust pellet furnaces also burn other materials, including firewood, cherry pits, corn, etc.

After pellet fuel is fully burned, there is only a small amount of powdery residue. I equipped it with a drawer ash hopper for ash removal, which is clean, convenient, and simple. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the problem of smoke and dust when using pellet stoves.

How to Choose Pellet stoves

The fuel used in the pellet stoves is biomass particles.

By increasing motor power and double banking technology, the fuel is fully gasified and burned in the furnace.

Pellet stove is a new generation of the high-efficiency heating furnace.

In addition, when using pellet stoves, the water film dust removal system set in the furnace body makes the smoke emission low.

A Pellet stove is also called a high-efficiency low emission heating furnace.

I have mentioned above that the fuel used for pellet stoves is biomass particles(Such as wood particles).

After compression molding, the volume of such particles is reduced, which is more convenient for transportation, storage, and use, with higher density, high energy, small and larger.

Biomass particles can replace coal to reduce the consumption of primary energy;

Realize the carbon cycle and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Based on the traditional heating furnace, the particle heating furnace has added a microcomputer control system.

With this system, the automatic constant temperature, we can achieve one key blanking and automatic ignition, and the use is simple. Even the elderly can do it at a glance.

From another point of view, this has liberated human and material resources.

Advantages of Pellet Stove

1. The operation is simple, safe, and the setting is simple. The total cost of equipment and installation can be lower than that of many other heating systems.

2. Energy saving, environmental protection, economy, and efficiency: the operating cost is lower than petroleum and propane furnaces. The fuel of particle furnaces is biomass, smokeless and dust-free, green, and environment-friendly. Very low operating costs.

3. Comfortable heating mode: different from other heating modes, we use the real fire fireplace for heating, the temperature increases from bottom to top, the air convection is weakened, and the water loss is reduced. It is uniform and comfortable to use, which is conducive to human health.

4. The particles usually burn cleaner than wood, which is very suitable for spaces without existing piping systems.

Tips For Safe Use of Pellet Stove

1、 install, use and clean under the manufacturer’s guidelines. Empty and clean the ash tank according to the user’s manual. ‎

2、 When burning the furnace, close the fire door and open the ash door. When not burning, close the ash door and add coal without extinguishing the fire.

3、 Clean the vent of the furnace every year to remove creosote. Creosote is easy to catches fire, which is the major cause of house fire. ‎

4、 Safely discard the ashes into metal cans that do not come into contact with any combustibles. The ashes can boil! ‎

5、 Before using pellet stoves, boiling water to clean the boiler and discharge sewage through the water outlet.

6、 Descaling shall be carried out on time (the scale thickness shall not exceed 2mm), to improve the thermal efficiency and prolong the service life.

7、 Use high-quality particles and other combustible materials recommended by the manufacturer. ‎

8、 When installing the safety valve (explosion-proof valve) of the pellet stove, pay attention to checking the rubber pad of the safety valve, and replacing it in time in case of aging.

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