Top 6 Best Bike Degreasers 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, White Lightning Clean Streak Bike Degreaser

Clean Streak™ is cycling’s first and most effective DRY Degreaser; cleaning even the grimiest, greasiest drivetrain parts has never been easier! Clean Streak works fast to break down and wash away stubborn grease, road grime and dirt. It then dries in just minutes, with no residue. Water rinsing is not required!
• Strong aerosol spray action allows for “”no-touch”” cleaning of many jobs
• Clean Streak should be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, and over an old rag or newspapers to catch the grease and grime as it flushes off your parts
Trigger Bicycle Chain Cleaner
The White Lightning Trigger Bicycle Chain Cleaner is an integrated bristle cleaner that makes pro-level maintenance easy, and includes a 12 oz can of Clean Streak. This system can clean your chain thoroughly in just 20 seconds!
Clean Ride
Clean Ride, the original lubricant from White Lightning, literally sheds dirt and grime while you ride, keeping your bike running smoothly. It sets up as a dry wax film with no oily residue to attract abrasive contaminants, so your chain and gears will perform better and last 2 to 3 times longer.
Wash & Shine
Keep your bike looking show-ready with White Lightning Wash & Shine! Its powerful, but 100% biodegradable, solvent-free formulation quickly loosens dirt, grime, mud, and dust from your bike, and is safe to use on any part.
Crystal Grease
Crystal Clear. Odorless. Non-Staining. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. White Lightning has developed Crystal™ Grease for cyclists and mechanics who are simply unwilling to compromise on performance or ecology. An aluminum based thickening system makes Crystal Grease 100% water proof, perfect for wet weather road rides or stream crossings on a mountain bike. Premium hydro-treated base oils deliver smooth bearing lubrication and long-lasting durability. Crystal Grease will not attack gaskets, seals, or carbon fiber, and will not stain painted surfaces.
• Instantly cleans chains, gears, derailleurs and disc brake rotors
• Clean streak works fast to break down and wash away stubborn grease, road grime and dirt
• Clean streak dries in just minutes, with no residue or rinsing required
• Cycling’s first and most effective Dry degreaser

2, Finish Line Speed Bike Degreaser

Speed Degreaser is the fastest and most effective way to clean a drivetrain. Its turbo sprayer uses mechanical agitation to quickly remove contaminants and for most applications specialty brushes and tools are not required. Since Speed Degreaser leaves no residue and dries rapidly, lubricant can be immediately applied.
Speed Bike Degreaser is formulated with specialized solvents which break down grease and grime and other solvents whose specialty is removing organic soils like dust and dirt.
Showroom Polish & Protectant
Showroom Polish & Protectant with Teflon surface protector delivers maximum luster, it repels water, and prevents grime buildup. Your bike and components will stay clean for longer intervals. Showroom is safe for use on clear coat, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, steel, chrome, and stainless steel.
Premium Grease
This is the grease that most high end bike manufacturers specify in their factories because it exceeds the unique and demanding requirements of bicycle bearings. Prevents wear and distortion in headsets, hubs, and bottom brackets – even in brutal downhill racing and Grand Tours.
No Drip Chain Luber
Fill the No Drip Chain luber with the lubricant of your choice. While back-pedaling, place the applicator head on the chain and squeeze the bottle. A wicking pad in the applicator head will ensure that every link is evenly coated. Saves time, saves money; uses 50% less lube each time you lubricate your chain.
Wet Lube
Formulated with high viscosity synthetic oils, water repelling polymers, and advanced anti-wear additives. Wet Lube is Finish Line’s strongest, longest lasting and most water resistant lubricant. Wet Lube provides maximum drivetrain smoothness, extremely quiet rides, and ultimate rust protection in the harshest of environments.

3, Finish Line Citrus Bike Degreaser

finish Line began with a focus on small batch production, product development, and quality control. Soon, building brand identity and expanding the Bicycle Care category became a priority. In 1990 Finish Line recognized that there was international potential for its bicycle lubricants and the company began exporting to Germany and England. Soon, the company began attending European and Asian bike shows and these efforts helped fuel additional global expansion. In recent years, Finish Line has focused on teaching cyclists how to choose and use the Finish Line lubricants, cleaners, and cleaning tools that match up best with their bikes, the conditions they ride in, and their personal commitment to bike maintenance.
• Strong and Safe biodegradable formula that is safe for use with all plastic and rubber parts
• Made using orange peal and soy-based extracts – non-toxic
• Strong enough that you can dilute with water for less difficult cleaning jobs
• Low surface tension for thorough penetration into all areas

4, Pedro’s Oranj Peelz Citrus Bicycle Degreaser

Heavy-duty degreaser made from citrus extracts. Perfect for removing the toughest of grease and grime. Great citrus scent won’t stink up smaller areas or apartments.
• Citrus Based Degreaser
• Great product for use on metal parts
• Removes stubborn grease from non painted metal parts
• Please use caution around plastic and rubbe
• This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

5, Simple Green Cleaner, 20-Ounce

Simple Green Cleaner, 20-Ounce
Simple Green Bike Cleaner and Degreaser is a non-corrosive and non-flammable cleaner specially formulated to meet the cleaning and maintenance needs of today’s riders. It cuts through tough, caked-on mud, dirt, grease, grime, and other road and trail soils. Use on all bike parts including metal, rubber, plastic, painted surfaces and delicate components including chains and derailleurs. The foam provides excellent vertical clinging power for hard-to-reach spaces.
• Readily biodegradable formula
• Tough enough for heavy degreasing
• Foaming formula clings to vertical surfaces
• Cuts through tough, caked-on dirt and clay
• Gentle enough for routine bike washing
• Foaming, cleaning action
• Non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive & nonflammable
• Made in United States

6, Finish Line EcoTech Degreaser and Cleaner

New Eco-Tech Cleaner/Degreaser – 12oz (aerosol) or 20oz (pour). Quickly cleans plastic, metal, and rubber completely safely. Fully Biodegradable and safe. Strong enough for the grimiest metal parts, yet safe enough to clean parts with rubber o-rings and seals, urethane elastomers, and painted surfaces. Can only be shipped US Ground Service.
• Details:Quickly cleans plastic, metal, and rubber without damagingCompletely Biodegradable and SafeCompatible with Rubber O-Rings, Urethane Elastomers, and Painted SurfacesCan only be shipped through US Ground Service

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