Top 5 Best Bike Mirrors 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bike Mirror

Mirrycle Generic Mountain Bike Mirror
The Mountain Mirrycle mounts in minutes with the wrench that is included. The mirror is a 3″” round, convex glass mirror with a wide field of view. The mirror is adjustable to any viewing angle.
Fits inside handlebars with 13.75mm – 22.5mm (.54″” to .875″”) inside diameters.
View the world behind with this bar end mounted bicycle mirror.. Convex mirror with it’s wide field of view is adjustable to any viewing angle. Mounts in minutes with included wrench. Fits handlebars with 15.8-23.4mm (0.62-0.92″”) inside diameters
• Three-inch round, handlebar mounted rearview mirror for bicycles
• Wide view convex mirror pivots to any viewing angle
• Mounts onto bar end of handle bar
• Fits inside handlebars with 13.75 to 22.5 inside diameters
• Installation wrench included

2, Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Bike Mirror

This unique cyclist’s mirror has 3 pivot points for total adjustment. Fully adjustable lightweight rear view mirror, can be fitted to either eye glasses or a helmet visor. Mirror face is adjusted by rotating at a 90 degree angle from the wire, and rotates fore and aft for the fine angle adjustments. The mirror has a wide field of vision. It can be attached to either your eye glasses or helmet visor. Adjusts to fit on right or left side. Frameless acrylic mirror provides wide, uninterrupted field of vision. Three point attachement system adjusts for a secure fit without vibration.
• Versatile, vibration-free cycling mirror mounts on eyeglasses and helmet visors
• Three pivot points for total adjustability
• Frameless acrylic mirror provides a wide, uninterrupted field of vision
• Adjusts for both left- and right-side use
• Made in USA; backed by a manufacturer’s unconditional guarantee

3, Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Foldable Frame
Hafny Bike Mirror barely takes any space while parking. It is good for commuting on the bus or parking in the garage. The joint is sturdy and flexible. You can rotate the mirror 360 degree, and never have to worry about the mirror getting knocking down.
Clear Stainless Steel Lens
Do you know that the mirror lens is made of well-polished stainless steel?
Compared to regular glass mirrors, the stainless steel lens is fully recyclable and unbreakable!
In case any accidents happens, the Hafny stainless steel lens mirror will stay strong with you!
Ideal for Most of the Bikes!
This little mirror works for both of the road bike drop bars, and also MTB handlebars!
• Ideal for road bikes, mountain bikes, E-bikes, hybrid bikes, city bikes, and YOUR BIKE!
• Stainless steel lens Diameter 62mm – 100% safe and unbreakable, stainless steel is recyclable, and more eco-friendly than glass
• Fits inside handlebar within 17mm ~ 21mm (inside diameter)
• Adjustable 360°, Applicable for both Left and Right
• Convex Surface for a Wider View. Made in Taiwan, Nylon + Fiber – Eco-friendly

4, Venzo Bicycle Handlebar Anti-Glare Mirror

Safe Stainless Steel Lens
Your safety is our 1st priority! That is why we carefully choose the FINEST high polished stainless steel to produce mirror lens. This stainless steel not only provides the exact same clear view as glass but also prevents from being broken during any accident or crash.

Full Angle Adjustment
360° mirror head rotating plus 45° handle bar clamp joint swinging allows full adjustment to the correct angle of the rear view. The stainless steel screws allow quickly locking the mirror at the right position firmly.

Long Arm For Better View
Eco-Friendly High Impact Nylon with Fiber long arm ensures clearer rear view. Mounted Handlebar Diameter: 22.2mm

Solid & Long Lasting
Very solid construction ensures this mirror to last a long time.  The mirror won’t shake , crack or break even during downhill bike riding.

Mirror Material: Safe Stainless Steel Lens , prevent being broken
Base Material: Eco-Friendly High Impact Nylon with Fiber
Inside diameter: 11 x 5mm, Mounted Handlebar Diameter: 22.2mm
Application: Common for Left or Right side
Adjustment: Fully adjustable with foldaway
Package: One mirror + 1 Handlebar clamp
Weight: 140g = 0.30lbs
Made in Taiwan
Warranty: One year

5, Sprintech Road Bike Rear View Mirrors

Sprintech Roadbike Review Mirrors
Biking is loved by millions around the world, but the number of road accidents involving cyclists is unfortunately high as well. Now, thanks to the revolutionary rear-view mirror for racing bikes, mountain bikes and street bikes, riding with the family or friends is both safer and more fun.
A prize winner at the Competition for Innovation in 1996 in Martigny, Switzerland and Gold Medal winner in Brussels in.
2012 Sprintech and Citytech are the indispensable accessories for cycling safety.
– Very light at 0.71oz (20g) each Adjustable.
– Stay in place and don’t vibrate.
– Chrome coated and lead free.
• These slick looking mirrors integrate beautifully with racing/road bike drop bars.
• They’re very sleek looking and work great.
• They’re not quite as big as the 3rd eye mirrors we also carry, but are lighter, more aero, and look much better integrated with the bars.

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