Best 4 Bowfishing Bow 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit

PSE Kingfisher Kit Right Hand 56 inch 45 lb. Bow fishing Recurve Bow Package The Kingfisher recurve bow is back and now in an ideal 56″ length for bow fishing. The bow comes with a precision-machined riser and the limbs are finished in PSE’s exclusive Flo Green DC’s pattern. Kingfisher 56 package includes: One Fish Stick arrow with AMS safety slide, AMS safety stop, point and AMS nock Drum Reel with 66 feet of 60 pound test line Tide Chaser Rest Finger Savers RH Only

2, RH Beginner Bowfishing Package

The AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro is the Original bottle-style bowfishing reel – the design that stood the test of time. No Buttons to Push Before the Shot Unlike other bowfishing reels, the AMS Retriever family of reels have no buttons to push before the shot and no clumsy spools to hand-wind. The line is simply stacked into a bottle. As you shoot, the line flies out of the reel as fast as the arrow can take it. To retrieve the arrow, simply pull the trigger and turn the handle. Integrated Telescoping Clamp and Arrow Quiver Super convenient adjustment, removal and arrow storage! Ultra Durable Construction With heavy-duty brass gear and pinion, aluminum trigger, composite housing and stainless steel fasteners, this reel is built to last!

3, Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow

The bow is an escape from the daily grind. It was made for fun. Light and perfectly balanced with 50-pound peak draw interchangeable draw modules, adjustable draw length, and 60% draw-specific let off, it provides smooth, easy shooting for as long as it takes to clear the weight of everyday responsibilities from your shoulders. Deep cam grooves prevent derailment while swatting through sedge or banging around the boat bottom, so it’s always ready to go and never lets you down. The specialized Sucker Punch looks, feels, and shoots like it was made for you alone, built for times when you answer to yourself.

4, PSE Discovery Bowfishing

New PSE Discovery Bowfishing Bow w/ Muzzy Kit Experience. Performance. The bow that you demanded is back and better than ever! Bowfisherman loved when we made a dedicated Discovery Bowfishing compound bow, and why wouldn’t you? It features a light, compact design, a constant draw weight of 40lbs., and an economical price that makes it ideal for reeling in the big ones on a budget. PSE decided that the bow needed more style…that’s why the Discovery BF is available in our exclusive DK’d bowfishing camo pattern. The Muzzy Kit includes one Muzzy 1067XD Spin Reel & Seat, one Snap Shot Rest, and one Fish Stick Arrow with AMS Safety Stop & Safety Slide.

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