Top 10 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is a newly patented tool that takes precision and accuracy to a new level. The chain remains on the saw and the tool clamps on the bar and allows the chain to be pulled through as each tooth is sharpened. A high-grade tungsten carbide cutter is hand turned with a handle. Only a small amount of material is removed from each tooth resulting in much longer chain life. Carbide guides are fixed at a universal angle of 30 degree while 25 and 35 degree guides are offered separately.

2, Oregon 520-120 Bench Chain Grinder

This Oregon Bench mount chain Grinder combines premium quality with ease of use for high volume sharpening. In addition to a sharp new design, It features a newly engineered vise for improved performance. Includes a dressing brick, a quick check grinding template, & three grinding wheels for sharpening of 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″ & .404″ Pitch chain.V: 120-ac, Hz: 60Hz, amps: 4.3 amp, w: 300, rated rpm: 3, 400, Horsepower: 0.4, Wheel size: 5-3/4″ & a one-way motor operation For safety.
• Sharpens 1/4″, 3/8″ low profile, 0.325″, full profile 3/8″, and .404″ pitch chain
• Includes a dressing Brick, a quick check grinding template, and three grinding wheels for sharpening of 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″ and .404″ pitch chain(Oregon part numbers OR534-18, OR534-316, and OR534-14)
• Top plate and down angle settings
• Self-centering chain vise and customizable vise handle positioning
• Built-in light

3, Granberg Bar-Mount Sharpener

Designed by Elof Granberg more than 35 years ago, the file-n-joint is an industry standard for accuracy and durability. This guide file allows your professional chain to right in your bar with precision. Will hold all file sizes for standard chain pitches and lowering depth gauges. Precision bar-mounted chain saw sharpener/file holder made of cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel. Use calibrated swivel guide markings to set and hold correct sharpening angle. Integrated features allow users to set file height and tooth length.

4, Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop Sharpener

Timber Tuff is the leading brand in logging tools and accessories. This brand has proved itself to be the manufacturer of quality products meant to make your job easier. Among our top products are the trustworthy chain saw chain sharpeners. The sharpeners come in a variety of models so that you can pick the sharpener that best fits you. Paired with the sharpeners are our grinding stones and wheels, which come in different sizes. Combined, these create a powerful sharpening tool that will keep your chain saw chains working to their full potential. Timber Tuff’s CS-BWM Upright Bench Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener is the ideal sharpener for your chain sharpening needs. This sharpener is perfect for your work bench as it securely mounts to most work surfaces, providing a secure sharpening station. The powerful, 110V, 60 Hz motor has an input power of 230 watts and a motor speed of 3600 rpm to keep your chains working like new. Designed for easy and accurate sharpening, this sharpener will sharpen chains from ¼” to ¾”. The easy-to-read adjustment guides make it easier to consistently sharpen your chains while the see-through safety shield and 15 watt work light give you good visibility while sharpening. The sharpener includes thermo-overload protection for your safety and also comes with 3 grinding wheels, 1/8”, 3/16”, and ¼” to get you sharpening. This sharpener will give you longer lasting chains with even cuts and can even save on the chain saw bar.

5, Blue Max 5655 Bench Sharpener

4,200 RPM Bench Mount Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
The Blue Max Electric Chainsaw Sharpener adjusts to fit any chainsaw chain and features precision angle adjustment with the table vise adjusting up to 35° left or right. Designed with versatility in mind, you can mount the sharpener to your bench, wall or vise depending on your needs. A 4-1/4 in. sharpening wheel.

Chain vise adjust to all chain designs & pitches.

6, Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sharpener

Sharpen your tools while in the field with the Oregon Chain 30846A 12-Volt Sure Sharp Electric Sharpener. It offers a safe and easy way for cutting and feeling. This model is easy to use and works from a 12-volt battery for on-the-go sharpening. It has a quick-adjust guide to obtain uniformly ground cutters and a built-in depth gauge. A high-impact motor house adds to the durable design. This electric chain sharpener is designed for use with Oregon Electric Sure Sharp and other grinders. It leaves an excellent cutting edge on saw chains. Two sharpening stones are included to help keep your power tool cutting like new.
Oregon Chain 30846A 12-Volt Electric Sure Sharp Sharpener:
Oregon sharpener is easy to use
Keeps chain cutting like new
Oregon sharpener works from 12-volt battery for in-the-field sharpening
Includes 2 sharpening stones
Quick-adjust sharpening guide to obtain uniformly ground cutters
Built-in depth gauge
High-impact motor house
Electric chain sharpener is carded
Offers an easy and safe way for cutting and felling
Goes anywhere
For use with Oregon Electric Sure Sharp and other grinders
Leaves an excellent cutting edge on saw chain

7, STIHL 2 IN 1 EASY FILE Chainsaw Sharpener

Practical tool for quickly sharpening the teeth and depth gauge in a single step.
Ideal for occasional users.

8, Sportsman Earth Series Chainsaw Sharpener

Get a professional edge on your chain saw with the Sportsman Earth Series Mountable Bench Top Electric Chain Saw Sharpener. Don’t run to the hardware store every time you need the chain sharpened. A dull chainsaw wastes time and effort; not to mention the safety hazard a dull blade creates. The Sportsman Chain Saw Grinder comes with two 5.5-inch dia. grinding wheels, 1/8 and 3/16 inch, which spin at 3,000 RPMs. Made to work with most chain saw brands, the heavy-duty Electric Chain Saw Sharpener adjust to fit 4 common size chains, 1/4, .325, 3/8, and .404 inch. A built-in work light let you see what you are doing.
• Keep your chain in top condition and save money by sharpening your own saw, Fits most brands and 4 common size chains 1/4, .325, 3/8, and . Built-in light illuminates work surface
• Material: Metal, Color: Black,Mounts to bench or worktop for safety and stability
• Warranty: 90 Day Limited, 3,000 RPM, 110 volts, 50 Hz, 230 watts, less than 85 decibels
• Assembly Required: No, Country of Origin: China, Plugs into a standard 120 volt wall outlet
• Product Dimensions: 16″L x 14″W x 11″H, Product weight: 45 lbs

9, Husqvarna 653000035 Chain Sharpener

Exceptional Products For Exceptional Yards. Great yards demand equipment that’s as dedicated and hardworking as you. Fortunately, the Husqvarna range of lawn and garden equipment offers everything from lawnmowers and ride-on mowers to trimmers and chainsaws to let you master your great outdoors. You and Husqvarna – together we will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

10, ELECTRIC GRINDER Chainsaw Sharpener

This Oregon Bench/wall Mount Chain Grinder is designed for the occasional user. Includes a dressing Brick, a quick check grinding template, and three grinding wheels for sharpening of 1/4″, 3/8″ Low profile, .325″, 3/8″ and .404″ pitch chain. Volts: 120-AC, Hertz:60HZ Amps: 1.2 amp, Watts: 140, Rated RPM: 3,500, Horsepower: 0.4, wheel size: 5-3/4″ and a One-way motor operation for safety.

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