Top 7 Best Compass Watches 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Suunto Core All Black Military Compass Watch

Designed to be your reliable companion wherever you go
The essence of the great outdoors is distilled into Suunto Core. Combining an altimeter, barometer and a compass with weather information, it will bring out the explorer in you.
Determine your current elevation, track your ascent or descent and gauge your overall progress on a climb – ideal for mountaineers, skiers and wilderness travelers.
Forecast sudden alterations in the weather by keeping a close eye on the air pressure trend. Get heads up on possible storm – and take the necessary precautions to help make your journey safe and successful.
Navigate and pinpoint locations to safely find your way through wilderness and in whiteout conditions.
Sunrise / Sunset
Never run out of daylight. Sunrise and sunset times available for over 400 locations worldwide .
• An altimeter tracks your vertical movement, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and a compass points the way
• Suunto core tracks both the weather and the sun for you; Operating temperature: -20° C to +60° C / -5° F to +140° F
• A weather Trend graph and storm alarm along with preset sunrise/sunset times for over 400 locations help you stay safe and Plan your activities
• With stylish designs in more than a handful of variations, you are sure to find just the right Suunto core for your style
• Wrist-top computer watch with altimeter, barometer, compass and weather indicator
• Altimeter displays current elevation, shows ascent or descent and records session
• Intelligent storm alarm senses drops in air pressure and notifies you of approaching storms
• Barometer helps you predict changing conditions; built-in weather trend indicator
• All black finish; accurately measures depth to 30 feet; weighs 2.26 ounces; 2-year warranty

2, Casio Men’s SGW100B-3V Digital Compass Twin-Sensor Sport Watch

Casio’s corporate creed is “creativity and contribution.” It expresses the company’s commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only Casio can. Products with innovative functions assist people in their daily lives and keep society moving forward. They also bring joy to people and help to create new culture. When even a single new product is widely adopted, whole new markets develop, and this in turn fosters growth in related industries. This is the story of Casio’s contribution to society-innovative products enhancing people’s lives. Inspiration finally came to the engineer, who had never given up experimenting, on a day off just before the development deadline. After going out to lunch feeling low, he was watching some children playing with a rubber ball in the park next to the research and development center when the idea of the module floating in the space inside the ball suddenly came to him. In order to realize this concept, he came up with a hollow structure in which the module is supported at just a few points with a slight space around it.
• Quartz movement Battery: CR2025 3V Module# 3157
• Protective mineral crystal protects watch from scratches
• Case diameter: 47.6 mm
• Resin case; digital-gray dial; day-date-and-month functions
• Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

3, Timex Intelligent Tide Temp Compass Watch

Intelligent Quartz Tide-Temp-Compass
With multiple functions including a tide tracker, temperature sensor and electronic compass all driven by a dedicated fourth hand the Timex Tide-Temp-Compass is the ultimate accessory for the tech savvy professional with a love for adventure.
Timex. ..True since 1854.
Compass with Analog Display
Accurate compass with adjustable declination angle.
Tide Tracker
Tracks time remaining to next high or low tide.
Digital Thermometer with Analog Display
Can measure ambient air temperature or place underwater for water temperature.
INDIGLO Night-Light
Press the crown or button to activate. Electroluminescent technology used in the INDIGLO night-light illuminates the entire watch face at night or in low light conditions.
• Sporty watch with red accents and multiple functions including Indiglo nightlight, digital compass, and digital thermometer with air/water temperature
• Normally, the compass is inactive, with the 4th center hand pointing to 12 o’clock or showing the chronograph seconds
• While holding the watch level, press A or B to activate the compass. The compass hand moves to point north
• If the watch is turned, the 4th center hand will continue to move, always pointing north. After 20 seconds, the compass will automatically turn off and the 4th center hand will return to its normal operation. This conserves
• battery life. Press A or B at any time to keep the compass on for another 20 seconds
• 45-mm black ion-plated stainless steel case with mineral dial window
• Quartz movement with analog display
• Silicone band with buckle closure
• Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft): In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

4, Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch

Sporty and rugged this Expedition watch by Timex will hold on tight to your wrist during your most extreme workouts The digital dial is protected by a mineral crystal and 200 meters 656 feet 20 atm water resistance to make sure that it always functions The 47MM plastic case is secured by a black rubber band that will always stay fastened no matter what your activity This watch is the perfect complement to those leading active lifestyles

Timex Group B.V. is one of the best-known American watch companies. Timex’s U.S. headquarters are located in Middlebury Connecticut and it has substantial operations in China, the Philippines and India and full scale sales companies in Canada, the UK, France and Mexico.

The company began in 1854 as Waterbury Clock in Connecticut’s Naugatuck Valley, known during the nineteenth century as the “Switzerland of America.” Sister company Waterbury Watch manufactured the first inexpensive mechanical pocket watch in 1880. During World War I, Waterbury began making wristwatches, which had only just become popular, and in 1933 it made history by creating the first Mickey Mouse clock under license from Walt Disney, with Mickey’s hands pointing the time.

During World War II, Waterbury renamed itself U.S. Time Company. In 1950 the company introduced a wristwatch called the Timex. Over the next three decades, Timex was sold through a series of advertisements which emphasized its durability by putting the watch through “torture tests,” such as falling over the Grand Coulee Dam or being strapped to the propeller of an outboard motor, with the slogan “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” With the help of former Olympic broadcaster, spokesman John Cameron Swayze, sales took off. The company later became Timex Corporation, then Timex Group and, to date, has sold over one billion watches.

The company has remained very competitive and the Timex brand continues its dominance through present day. Its primary market remains the United States and Canada, although the Timex brand is sold worldwide due to its ability to capitalize on its strong brand image and reputation for quality.

One of the most successful and important features available on many Timex watches is the Indiglo backlight system. Indiglo is a brand name of Indiglo Corporation, solely owned by Timex for licensing purposes. Timex electroluminescent lamps, branded Indiglo, were introduced in 1992 in the Ironman watch line. They were an immediate success. The Indiglo lamp uniformly lights the surface of the Timex’s watch dials in a manner that makes the dial read very easily in many different light settings. In some newer watches the Indiglo backlight only lights up the numbers, rather than the entire LCD display, which is achieved by means of a specialized film that inverts the LCD transmissivity.

Today, Timex Group products are manufactured in the Far East and in Switzerland often based on technology that continues to be developed in the United States and in Germany. With a large and varied line of watches, Timex has the style for everyone. From the locker room to the board room, there is a great Timex style time-piece for you.

5, Casio Pathfinder

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch
Constantly evolving and improving the PRO TREK lineup, Casio introduces the PAG240-1, a welcome upgrade to the legendary PAG40. Black resin band watch with neutral digital face.
• Tough Solar Power
• Triple Sensor (Altimeter/Barometer, Thermometer, Digital Compass)
• Sunrise & Sunset Data
• World Time (48 cities)
• he PAG240 has all the same great Triple Sensor functionality you’ve come to love and is equipped with Self-Charging, Tough Solar Power, employs more functional exterior case design, has a host of additional features such as Sunrise Sunset Data, Countdown Timer and 48-city World Time.
• Never leave home without the stylish functionality of the Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch from Casio. This tough, solar-powered timepiece can sense the altitude, the moisture in the air, the temperature and it has a compass. But the functionality doesn’t stop there. It has five alarms, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. It offers water resistance up to 330 feet (100 meters) for those hitting the pool and a full backlight with afterglow, which is great for anyone out night hiking. If you are out on the trails, you can be sure this watch will stay on your wrist thanks to its black resin band and buckle clasp.
• Black solar-powered sport watch with multiple features including digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, low temperature resistance (-10 C/14 F), EL backlight, world time (31 time zones, 48 cities), city code display, five daily alarms, 1/100-second stopwatch, full auto calendar (pre-programmed until 2099), countdown timer, 12/24-hour formats, battery power indicator, and power-saving function
• Approximate battery life: 6 months on full charge (without further exposure to light)
• 51-mm stainless steel case with mineral dial window
• Quartz movement with digital display
• Resin band with buckle closure; Dimensions:57.3 x 50.9 x 15.3mm
• Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft): In general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

6, Casio Men’s Triple-Sensor Stainless Steel Watch

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Casio Pro Trek PRW3510Y Digital Sports Men’s Watch boasts CASIO’S Triple Sensor technology, rechargeable solar battery and precise time calibration among other awesome features. This rugged and versatile timepiece is sure to enhance your outdoor experience.
Triple Sensor Engine
The new triple sensor offers Improved accuracy, is 95% slimmer, and uses 90% less power. Three high-sensitivity miniaturized sensors take accurate measurements of constantly changing natural phenomena, and display directions, differences in altitude, and atmospheric pressure tendencies in both digital and analog formats as well as temperatures in digital format.
Tough Solar
You don’t have to worry about changing your battery again with Pro Trek’s solar technology. The battery is automatically charged by light, either direct from the sun or from light sources inside. Watches with this feature have a solar cell and a special rechargeable battery (secondary battery) that is charged by the electrical power produced by the solar cell.
Auto Light
You’ll always be able to read your Pro Trek display… even in total darkness. An EL Backlight or LED light makes the face of the Pro Trek exceptionally bright. The watch also includes an auto light. So when you tilt the watch toward your face, the LEDs automatically light up for night time viewing.
Atomic Timekeeping
This radio-controlled timekeeping technology can receive standard time-calibration signals from all 6 transmission stations worldwide and correct the time for the Japanese, North American, European and Chinese regions.
This new addition to the PRO TREK Multi-Field line come with a highly readable STN LCD that enhances readability. A silicon band provides a better fit to the wrist and the large rotary bezel creates a design that is bold, even for a PRO TREK model.
• Tough Solar power, Silicon band, Direction Bezel, Mineral Glass, Black IP, 200-meter water resistance, LED Backlight
• Low-temperature resistant (-10 degree celsius), Calibration Signals, Digital Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, World Time, Full auto-calendar
• Quartz Movement
• Case Diameter: 55mm
• Water resistant 200m (660ft): in general, suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not diving

7, Casio Men’s Pro Trek PRW3500 Solar Powered Atomic Digital Watch

Triple Sensor Version 3 is the advanced CASIO original technology that makes it possible to pack sensors 95% smaller than those of previous models into a totally new type of compact Pro Trek. Despite their smaller size, the new sensors in this model provide improved reading accuracy and energy efficiency.
This new Triple Sensor Version 3 model delivers altitude, barometric pressure, and direction readings that are more accurate than previous models. A Barometric Pressure Tendency Alarm alerts the wearer to sudden changes in pressure readings, which can indicate upcoming weather events.
This model is water resistant up to 200 meters and features Full Auto LED display illumination, which makes it a great choice for wet environments and nighttime operations. A stainless steel rotary bezel can be positioned to help you keep track of your current and intended bearings.
In terms of both functions and looks, this Triple Sensor Version 3 provides a choice of outdoor timekeeping gear that can’t be beat.
Large Direct Buttons
Designed for quick measurement with a single push, the buttons can be operated without taking gloves off.
Measures altitudes to the nearest meter at 1-second intervals.
Sudden atmospheric pressure change alarm.
Digital Compass
Measures bearing continuously for 60 seconds.
200-Meter Water Resistance
Water resistance has been raised to 200 meters to permit confident wear in stormy weather or during river activities.
Full Auto LED Light (Super Illuminator)
The light activates a high-brightness LED automatically with just a tilt of the wrist in low-light conditions.
Register Ring
A large register ring employing a rotating mechanism to store direction memories is installed around the face. Its uneven surface design is ideal for rotating the ring with a finger.
Multiband 6 Radio-Controlled & Solar Power
Converts even faint light into power to achieve stable operation of multiple functions, and receives time-calibration signals from any of six transmission stations worldwide to correct the time automatically.

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