Top 8 Best Coolers for Camping 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Siberian Alpha Pro 22

Comes with a heavy duty wire basket, security lock bracket and a beverage cup holder. Siberian Coolers has now pioneered an unparalleled level of refinement in the Alpha Pro Series. We have listened to the requests of industry leading guides and elite outdoorsmen and pulled from our knowledge and experience to introduce a standard of cooler construction that has been unprecedented—until now.    The Alpha Cam Latch System sits flush to the body face allowing the cooler to be tightly packed with other gear and to keep fly lines free.   The Siberian Cam Latch is made with high quality nylon fiber infused thermoplastic and military grade hard-anodized aluminum, creating a latch system able to withstand use in extreme temperatures and corrosive saltwater environments.  The latches can be easily opened and closed without sacrificing the integrity of the lid seal.    The Siberian ALPHA Pro Series Sidekick is the go anywhere anytime companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. We took our original Sidekick and beefed up it’s construction and added tie down strap slots, hidden pad lock holes our New! Cam Latch System!   The ALPHA Pro Series Sidekick is perfect for days on the beach, to strap to your ATV or for packing your lunch for full days on the job site.  When you are your own hero, you have to have a Siberian Coolers Sidekick.

2, ORCA BW0260ORCORCA Cooler

Durable, roto-molded cooler. Integrated insulation. Holds ice for up to 10 days. Cooler comes with extendable flex-grip handles, cargo net and easy-flow drainage spout. Lifetime Warranty.

3, Yeti Roadie 20

YETI Tundra coolers are the stuff of legends. They’re built for whatever Mother Nature throws their way, which is surprisingly a long list of incredibly dangerous creatures and weather patterns. But no sweat — these outdoor coolers are more than up for the challenge. From the backcountry to the BBQ get-together, your YETI Tundra is ready for any and every outdoor adventure.
• The YETI Roadie is BYOB’s new best friend with a capacity of up to 14 cans with recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio
• Ice stays ice thanks to up to 2 inches of PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design which is certified bear-resistant
• The Rotomolded Construction makes the Roadie armored to the core and virtually indestructible so wherever you decide to take it, this portable cooler’s sturdy construction will stand up to the rigors of the journey
• The Roadie, like the Tundra, features T-Rex Lid Latches constructed of heavy-duty rubber so you’ll never see another busted latch and has patented keeper technology
• The Roadie dimensions are 19 in long x 13 3/4 in wide x 14 3/8 in high with an empty weight of 15 lbs

4, Grizzly 20

Stainless steel carry handle
Non-skid rubber feet
Rubber gasket in lid
Large 2 inch drain
Made in USA

5, Engel Deep Blue High Performance 

Engel, the original patented high-performance cooler, is rotomolded for toughness and durability. Engel set the original standard for features and performance – while others have simply compromised. Engel’s are filled with innovation and features – lacking on many other coolers. The thick high density insulation helps retain the cold and make ice last as long as possible. The non-skid lid is re-inforced to not delaminate or go soft like knock-off’s. The lid is also designed to be strong enough to be used as a step or seat. The integrated full length hinge is ultra-rugged and self stopping – another Engel innovation. The premium silicon gasket creates an airtight seal and will never lose it’s shape – while all our competators use cheap rubber. Optional recessed stainless steel adjustable latches are available and sold separately – another Engel exclusive!

6, Canyon Scout

Rafters, angles, and boating enthusiasts: Get on-board with the new gold standard in ice retention. Mud, blood and beer is just another day to the Canyon Cooler Adventure Series. Tougher than any boot leather, stubborn, shameless and indomitable, the Adventure Series encapsulates the spirit of a pioneer operating at the edges of where the unknown meets the truly wild. We designed and built our Canyon Cooler Adventure Series as a labor of love and a stand up salute to those who explore and seek such places on their own terms. With an average of 2.7 inch thick insulation on all six walls, ice retention is better than any cooler on the market. Built in tie-down points, No-Lose drain plugs, and brutally tested rotomolded, food-grade, UV resistant, kayak plastic construction guarantees a cooler that will put up a fight. Newly designed cam latches, innovative bungee net system, and a high clearance wheeled cooler are just a few of the features you’ll see on the Adventure Series Canyon Coolers. With sizes ranging from 103 quarts to 20 quarts, there’s an Adventure cooler that will fit your need. Pair a basket, or four, with a Canyon Tie-Down Kit, and a Canyon Hasp Lock for the toughest, most secure cooler ever. Our outstanding and unheard of Lifetime Warranty protects your investment for life, your Canyon Cooler will be the last cooler you’ll ever need.

7, Pelican Elite 20 

Pelican customers all over the world are using Pelican coolers in extreme conditions with astounding stories of extreme insulation. For life’s more challenging adventures Pelican keeps your beverages insulated.
Extreme Ice Retention
Easily keep up to 15 cans of beer or 3 bottles of wine cold for up to 3 days. Great for the beach, fishing trips, camping or a weekend getaway.
Built Like a Tank
Rugged Durability, leak and waterproof. Built with uncompromising quality, Pelican coolers withstand even the most demanding environments.
Spacious & Portable
With a true 20 quart internal volume and an overmolded carry handle, this ice cooler gives you a great balance of space and portability.
Ready for Any Adventure
Comes with integrated bottle opener and cup holders, molded tie-down slots, a lockable hasp and 2 inches of strong insulation.

8, Igloo BMX 25

This heavy duty blow-molded cooler has it all! Extra-thick foam walls and insulated lid for the best cooling performance proven to hold ice for 5 days at 90 Degrees. Convenient size for optimal performance.

• Heavy duty blow-molded construction with reinforced base for increased strength and protection.
• Extremely durable yet lightweight with proven 4-5 day ice retention
• UV inhibitors protect the cooler against sun damage for extended life.
• Rust-resistant, stainless-steel hinge rods and hardware provide extended performance.
• Rubberized T-grip latches keep lid secure. MaxCold body with 20% thicker foam and insulated lid provide advanced cooling performance and up to 4-day ice retention. Cool Riser Technology molded base elevates the cooler away from hot surfaces and improves cooling performance.

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