Top 5 Best Dodgeballs 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Champion Sports Rhino Skin Low Bounce Dodgeball Set

Our Champion Sports dodgeballs are perfect for any number of children’s games, including handball, kickball and four square. From the playground to gym class, these soft but strong balls provide hours of fun and exercise. They’re popular with schools, summer camps, recreational centers, rec leagues and families.

Coated with patented Rhino Skin, these balls are built to last. They can withstand years of rough play and regular outdoor use. Designed and made in Sweden, high-tech Rhino Skin is so tough that it’s virtually impossible to tear. The quality is tough to beat.

Grownups can join in on the fun, too. Dodgeball is a great party activity for summer BBQs, birthday parties, tournaments or any type of adult gathering. Or, get the whole family outside for some action-packed bonding time. The game is entertaining and interactive, and it’s a great way to sneak in some extra physical activity.

Rhino Skin was designed to be a non-sting coating, so these playground balls won’t hurt or leave bruises when they strike like large rubber balls. Lightweight and spongy, they’re safe for kids to use but rugged enough for teens and adults.

Our dodgeballs have a low-density foam core that provides just the right amount of bounce. The balls easily fly when thrown to reach long distances, but they won’t bounce all over the place when they land. The foam core prevents huge bounces so the balls stay in the game area, whether that’s a giant gymnasium or a small driveway.

2, Franklin Sports Classic 8.5 Playground Dodgeballs

Whether you’re playing 4 square, dodgeball, kickball, or just having fun inside or out, the playground ball you choose matters. No other playground ball provides more grip and durability than our 8.5” playground balls. This set includes 6 different colors red, green, navy, orange, yellow, & purple.
• CLASSIC RUBBER PLAYGROUND BALLS: This is the classic playground ball you know and love! These playground balls are perfect for indoor gymnasium games and outdoor play
• DURABLE RUBBER CONSTRUCTION: Made from durable rubber, these balls have an excellent bounce and superior toughness which make them perfect for kickball, dodgeball , or any other playground game
• EASY GRIP PATTERN: The cross hatch pattern etched on the rubber surface makes the balls easy to grip and hold on to, even for smaller hands!
• CARRY BAG AND PUMP INCLUDED: These bulk sets come complete with an inflation pump and needle set as well as a convenient mesh carry bag that makes transportation and maintenance a breeze!
• MULTICOLORED: Available in a variety of colors so everyone can have their favorite!

3, Franklin Sports Dodgeball Ball Set

Extremely Durable And Sting-free
The Superskin Dodge Ball set includes 6 balls in assorted fun colors. Made from a super durable polyurethane foam that features a tough outer coating. Easy to grip, super soft design compresses on impact and will not tear or rip.
The Superskin balls are ideal for league play and recreational fun for all ages. The material is easy to clean and disinfect, and always retains its shape after being kicked, thrown, squeezed, or stepped on.
• PERFECT PLAYGROUND BALL FOR GYMNASIUM GAMES – From dodgeball to catch and everything in between, these all-purpose playground balls are great for throwing and catching. Make up your own gymnasium games or playground games for instant fun
• STING-REDUCER – Say goodbye to the classic rubber ball and its memorable sting! These new playground balls are designed with a tough polyurethane shell known as Super skin for better durability and grip
• EASY-GRIP – Even small hands can instantly grip these foam balls. Their small 6 Inches size makes them great for throwing, catching, squeezing. and more—and they always keep their shape
• DURABLE SHELL COATING – Tired of foam balls that rip and tear during gymnasium games and playground games? Franklin Super skin playground balls stay strong and durable, game after game
• SIX-PACK OF DODGEBALLS – A rich, vivid variety of colors make these eye-catching balls easy to see. Plus, they’re easy to clean too, making them the perfect playground balls for ages 3+

4, Eduball Playground Ball Set

Eduball Playground Ball Set comes with an assortment of 6 colors and is made from the highest quality rubber sourced locally from eco-friendly rubber tree farms. Each ball inflates up to 7″” inches in diameter, and can be played either indoors or outdoors. Durable outer coating offers protection from wear & tear and the elements, and UV resistant coating ensures that the colors stay vibrant. Kids and even adults will enjoy the strong texturized grips on the exterior of the ball making it ideal to play handball, dodge-ball, or just about any other playground activity and the balls retain their shape after multiple uses as well. You can use it either for school, in the gym, or simply playing at home and the soft feel allows for hours and hours of enjoyable recreation and the balls also clean and disinfect easily.
• Comes in 6 assorted colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple)
• Each ball inflates up to 7″” (inches) in diameter making it perfect for Kindergarten ages and up (5+) .
• UV resistant making it ideal for either indoor or outdoor play.
• Cross patterned textured exterior for a better grip and feel.
• Sourced from only eco-friendly sustainable rubber sources.

5, COOP Sport Dodgeball , Colors May Vary

Duck, dive and dodge with the COOP Dodge Ball! Easy to grip and throw, the super soft foam ball compresses upon impact, so it’s virtually sting-free and fun for kids of all ages. Durable outer skin stands up to play either in or outdoors. Includes 1 dodge ball in either blue, orange, red or yellow. Color you receive will vary. Recommended for ages 4 and up.
• An easy gripping dodgeball suitable for players of all levels
• Super soft foam compresses upon impact to prevent stinging or painful blows
• Tough exterior for either indoor or outdoor use
• Includes 1 dodge ball in either blue, orange, red or yellow – color you receive will vary
• Recommended for ages 4 and up



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