Best Drone for Kids & Children For 2022 – 2023

1, Syma X5C-1

This 2015 upgrade version X5C-1, more stable, with upgrade 4GB micro SD Card. This rc drone is a great starter drone for kids and beginners.

Main Features:
• 6-axis Gyro stablization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying. It has the characteristics of wind-resistant and can be flied indoor or outdoor
• Modular design structure is applied, more simple for assembly and convenient for maintenance
• 360 degree Eversion and throwing flight function.
• Equipped with HD Camera
• Left / Right hand throttle mode can be changeable by the transmitter (2 in 1)

• Control Mode: 2.4Ghz Remote Control
• Control Distance: about 30m
• Battery for Drone: 3.7V 500mAh LiPO Battery (Included)
• Charging Mode: USB charging
• Charging Time: About 100 mins
• Play Time: About 5-7 mins
• It is a upgraded version of X5C equipped with HD Camera.Please know that the “X” of X5C on the plane is red.
• Build-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky.
• Various control options for those piloting the X5C. Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Leftward flight, Rightward flight.
• Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance, best anti-interference ability, least power consumption. you could fly more helicopters at the same time, its reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control.
• A key 360° roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance.

2, Altair 818 Hornet Kids Quadcopter

THE ALTAIR AERIAL AA818 PLUS HORNET is a professional quality hobby drone with 720p camera capabilities and 30 minutes of flight time right out of the box. The Hornet is specifically designed for budding aerial photographers who are still new to the world of drones, but pilots of all skill levels love this aircraft.
The Hornet includes a 120° wide-angle 720p High Definition Camerathat can take amazing aerial photos and videos in birds’ eye view.
You can line up your shot using a phone or tablet from up to 60 meters away (full flight range of 150 meters.)
This long range, combined with 15 minute flight times and the quality of the camera itself, make the Hornet one of the best camera drones for beginners ever made.
As an upgraded version of our most popular beginner drone, the Hornet is designed for improved stability and balance even in wind, making it much easier to line up that perfect aerial shot.
Stability Features Include:
• One-Touch Takeoff and Landing
• Altitude Hold
• Headless Mode
With these features, the Altair Aerial Hornet is a perfect introduction into the world of drone photography!
Automatic Orientation Adjustment
Automatic Orientation Adjustmentfeatures allow you to pilot your drone with ease!
Altitude Hold
With Altitude Hold you can capture smooth and steady footage without worrying about maintaining altitude with the joystick.
One-Touch Take Off and Landing
One-Touch Take Off and Landing are great features for beginners to ensure safely piloting your drone through take off and landing procedures.
Automatic Emergency Landing
Worried about losing control?
The Altair Aerial 818 Hornet has a built in Emergency Landing Function that will safely land your drone in the event of an emergency.

3, Altair #AA108 Camera Drone

THE ALTAIR AERIAL AA108 is a fantastic introductory drone with multiple skill levels to be enjoyed by all pilots. The AA108 has the ability to be flown both indoors and outdoors. Its long flight-time and two batteries leave you having extra fun.
Exceptional Durability
The AA108 is carefully-constructed with durable plastic. It’s designed to withstand crashes as pilots learn and build their flying skills.
It provides a more stable hover than competing drones making it reliable and easy to use for beginner pilots.
Long Distance and Flight Time
The AA108 has an 100 Meter Flight-Range with 7-10 Minutes of Flight Time. Not only that, but this drone comes with two batteries. This means more flying time for pilots straight out of the box.
Try connecting the AA108 to the Flyingsee App for an even more amazing flight experience!
Premium Camera
The 720p HD Camera and built-in 120° Wide-Angle Camera allows for first person view (FPV) flying.
You’ll be capturing stunning birds’ eye view photos and videos right from your mobile device.
Low Battery Alarm
AA108’s Low Battery Alarm lets the pilot know when it’s time to return the drone for a battery charge.
This assures that the drone and the pilot always stay safe.
Altitude Hold
Altitude Hold ensures steady flights by keeping the drone hovering in the air without user input.
This makes it easy to take amazing photos and have a more enjoyable flight experience.
Custom Route Modes
Create Custom Route Modes by drawing a flight-line on your smartphone. The AA108 will fly according to this flight-line; a fun way to watch your drone fly your path.

4, The Outlaw Drone

THE ALTAIR AERIAL OUTLAW SE is our brand new GPS-capable all-skill-levels drone with Return Home & Follow Me functions that offers a professional-grade feature set. With a long flight range, powerful brushless motors, and high-tech functionality, this advanced and fun-to-fly quadcopter has something for everyone.
This drone features brushless motors, and advanced flight modes that are normally found in professional level drones like Follow Me & GPS!
Available Flight Modes:
• GPS Flight Mode
• Follow Me
• Waypoint Flight
The Outlaw has a flight range 600 meters and each flight can last between 18 and 20 minutes.
Altair Aerial’s first drone with GPS Functionality can return to a designated “home” position with the touch of a button.
This drone will hold itself completely stable in the air in GPS Flight Mode, allowing for an easier flight and perfect stability for aerial photographers.
The Outlaw has our most advanced built-in camera yet.
Experience the best in drone photography with 1080p High Definition video in first person view and high resolution photos with barometer altitude hold.
The Outlaw features multiple flight modes including Headless Mode, Return Home, GPS, Waypoint Flight, Altitude Hold and One-Touch Take-Off and Landing.
You’ll be able to grow with your drone as you become more experienced!
The Outlaw includes a long lasting, rechargeable battery so you can enjoy more flight time between charges.
When fully charged, the battery will last up to 20 minutes so you can cover more ground, take more pictures, have more fun!

5, UDI RC 818A

The newest UDI 818A HD upgrade version with extra features including One Key Return to Home function and Headless mode flight. With the return to home function, the 818AHD automatically detects a home landing position and return back to the landing position automatically with a press of a button. With the headless mode feature, pilots can now easily navigate the aircraft from a distance by not having to worry about the orientation of the quad.
Features and Specification:
• Headless mode – Orientation of the 818A is dependent on the position of the pilot and not the initial designation of the aircraft.
• Automatic return home with the press of one button
• HD Camera 1280 x 720p
• LED navigation lights
• Low battery alarm
• 360 degree flips and rolls at the push of a button
• 6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability
• High/Medium/Low Speed Modes
• Flight Duration: 6-8 minutes Charge Time: 60-90 minutes
• Drone comes fully equipped with Full 720p HD Video Recording and Camera with 1280 x 720 resolution (30 Frames per second). Perfect for shooting Video or taking photos
• Headless Mode: Orientation of the Quadcopter in relation to the pilot. Great function when the quadcopter is out of sight. The direction and orientation is dependent on the position of the user. One Key Return Home Function: Avoid lost aircraft and bring drone back with the simple push of a button.
• Quadcopter can Take High Resolution Photos and Video with 2MP Camera and included Micro SD card.
• Drone Ready to Fly and comes with 2 batteries (3.7v 500 mAh) for continuous flight. Great drone for all level including for beginners and advanced pilot.
• Lightweight Drone with HD Camera – No FAA registration required for the quadcopter only in stock form.

6, Spacekey Drone for Kids

This amazing foldable drone has an aerofoil and fuselage made of a PA plastic which is more durable than ABS, making it convenient for flying indoors and outdoors.
It is app-controlled and features a 720P HD Wi-Fi camera for FPV real-time transmission, as well as headless mode, 3D flip function, multiple speed modes, night LEDs and one-key take-off & landing.
What’s more, it has a low-battery alarm warning and can be returned to where it takes off just by pressing one key return button.
All these functions make the DC-014 drone a great drone for kids, teenagers and beginners. If you are already an expert, why not try out the 3D flip feature and speed mode 3 while capturing stunning videos.
It also makes the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones on any occasions.
App control of the DC-014 drone on your smartphone brings you a whole new level functionality and total control at your fingertips.On the app screen, you’ll find controls for taking off, landing, one-key return and all direction controls.
This drone is equipped with a 120° FOV wide-angle Wi-Fi camera, so you can capture stunningly beautiful and crystal clear photos from the air.Press the button on the right side of the controller to watch a live video stream and snap awesome panoramic shots with the FPV function in your smartphone to share with family and friends.
The flip and 360° rotation features of this drone offer you limitless enjoyment.You can even take videos when it’s rotating.
The foldable & flexible PA plastic aerofoil and fuselage is more durable than standard ABS, meaning can be flown both indoors and outdoors. The folding arms make it portable so you can take the fun with you anywhere.In addition, LED navigation lights and a remote control indicator light make night flights another fun option.
DC-014 drone is quipped with a built-in barometer, the altitude-hold function provides stable flight at a fixed height until you manually make adjustments with the flight controller.
Simply by pressing one button, you can take-off and land like with complete ease.Additionally, by pressing the one-key return button you can return the drone back to where it took off when you hear the low-power alert.
In addition, 3 speed modes (low/med/high) make this suitable for beginners, intermediates and experts. You could even try switching different speed modes when the drone is in flight for more fun.
DC-014 drone also features headless mode, which controls the direction of the drone, so you need not worry about which direction the drone is facing. This function makes it user-friendly for kids and beginners.

7, UVify Oori

UVify micro FPV racing drone
OOri is simple to fly, fast, and most of all, fun. OOri delivers the UVify experience in an entirely different form factor and is the world’s capable FPV micro drone. OOri comes with everything you need to immediately get airborne right out of the box.
• OOri drone
• Transmitter with FPV screen
• 660 mAh battery
• 8 x propellers
• Tool kit
• Spare bolts
• Prop guard (pre-bound)
Reaches speeds of up to 50mph
Blisteringly fast
Lightning fast performance from UVify’s specialized high-spec BLDC motors give your OOri the power to easily whoop other micro drones out of the air.
BLDC motors
Performance-tweaked UVify BLDC motors coupled with UVify sensor tech means you fly faster with confidence.
Three flight modes: beginner, intermediate and racer
Beginner mode
Anyone can pick up and fly OOri straightaway. The learning curve is now flat thanks to UVify.
Acro mode
For those who like show off their flying skills, simply press a button to experience OOri’s incredible agility.
Power mode
Switch to racing mode and blow away the competition with the full power of OOri’s high-performance motors.
Rapid battery change
Quick-click battery
OOri’s Quick-click battery has one of the industry’s highest discharge rates and power output for its size.
Quick battery charger
OOri’s Quick-click battery charger bay ensures you have all the power you want.
On-screen display remote control
On-screen display remote control
OOri’s bundled remote control has an integrated screen which allows you to see what your OOri sees. It features an ergonomic design and makes flying OOri a breeze.
Vision positioning system
Vision Positioning System
Equipped with UVify’s dynamic Vision Positioning System (VPS), OOri hovers accurately and steadily, giving you stabilized vision, and allowing you to transcend time and space with ease.
IMU sensor
Precision was our primary focus when developing OOri’s IMU. Constructed with a metal frame for maximum rigidity so it senses every detail when in motion.
Assignable LEDs: cooperate or compete
Assignable LEDs
Friend or foe, with OOri’s assignable LEDs it’s easy to know.

8, JJRC H20 2.4G

4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360°.
It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.
It can realize 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights.

Brand name: JJRC
Brand model: H20
Material: ABS
Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Colour: red / golden optional
Suitable age: above 14 years old
Functions: Sideward flight,turn left/right,hover,forward/backward,with light,up/down,3D roll-over,CF mode and one key automatic return
Flying distance: 30m
Battery: 3.7V 150mAh (included)
Charging time: 45mins
Flying time: 5-7mins
Remote battery: 3 * AAA dry battery (not included)
Battery dimension: 25 * 15 * 5mm
Quadcopter dimension: 110 * 100 * 25mm
Quadcopter weight: 22g
• Compact and light weight design.
• With LED lights, possible for night fly.
• One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home.
• It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.
• It can realize 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights.

9, Cheerson CX-10 Mini

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

Cheerson CX-10 Video: Features Lightweight airframe with nice durability Fine workmanship endows the aircraft with smooth and delicate appearance 6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability Flight time will be up to 4-8 minutes Model on Hubsan H111 3-level adjustable speed flip function Powered by a piece of rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh lithium battery So incredibly stable, perfect even for new pilots Specifications Brand Cheerson Model CX10 Main Rotor Diameter 1.14 / 2.9cm Speed Control Integrated Required Radio 4Channel Frequency 2.4G Flight Time Approx. 4-8 minutes Charging Time About 30-40 minutes Battery Rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh Lithium Battery Transmitter Battery 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included) Control Distance About 40 meters Body Material ABS Plastic Color Green Dimensions (1.65 x 1.65 x 0.79) / (4.2 x 4.2 x 2)cm (L x W x H) Weight 1.02oz / 29g Suitable for Ages 14+ Package Includes 1 x Mini RC Quadcopter 1 x USB Cable 1 x Transmitter 2 x Main Blades 1 x User Manual.
• Great quality, Stable performance
• FREE Standard shipping from 5 to 7+ days
• Fast order processing from 24+ hour
• Easy to install
• Very good support

10, Top Race Mini Helicopter Toy Drone

Created For Beginners
Available for ages 8+, our Top Race Dragon Drone was designed with easy-to-fly technology that makes it great for beginners just stepping into the micro drone world. With its 3 varying speeds, 1 Key Return mode and available Headless Mode option – this quadcopter toy offers 100ft of easy to control, flying fun!
Designed To Last
Thanks to its built-in anti crash cage and 6-axis gyro stabilizer, this quadcopter is safe for indoor flying and is less likely to be damaged from a collision – saving you money on repairs or a even whole new drone! Trust us, you’d be surprised by how damage one bad day of flying can cause.
Impress Your Friends And Family
With its Throw Launch capability and easy-to-control Radical Flips and Rolls setting, this drone helicopter toy was designed to take you from beginner to pro with little to no difficulty! One day your learning the ropes and the next – you’re doing interpretive dancing with an RC quadcopter drone!
A Great Gift Backed By A Great Warranty
Fun, safe and easy to use, our RC quadcopter is a great gift for anyone starting out or looking to expand their collection. Also, our drones for kids are covered by a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee! Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start flying today!
• NOT JUST BEGINNERS LUCK! – Thanks to its built-in 6-axis gyro, 3 speed levels, and 1 Key Return – this beginner drone was specially designed for anyone aged 8+ to easily become an air drone hobbyist!
• EASILY AVOID CRASHES! – Surrounded by a protective guard on all sides, our RC drone is less likely to be damaged or cause damage from a collision! Making this 6-axis quadcopter one of the safest available!
• DO A BARREL ROLL! – It won’t take days to master these tricks! With the flip of a switch you can take your mini drone skills to the next level with its built-in Radical Flips & Rolls setting!
• IMPROVED LEARNING! – Available Headless Mode eliminates the need to constantly adjust your helicopter drone before flight, creating an improved learning curve to take your small drone skills to the next level!
• Our 5.5” x 5.5” drone has a charging time of 20-30 minutes, a flight time of 6 minutes and uses 4 AAA Batteries (not included). This mini quadcopter is covered by a 12 month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee!

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