Top 10 Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews For 2022 – 2023

1, ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

Technology meets tranquility with ArtNaturals Bluetooth Oil Diffuser. Want aromatherapy, music, and calm and soothing illumination all at once? Oh, and add to that a clock and alarm? Then sensify your space with the innovative Bluetooth Oil Diffuser.

Just like our Essential Oil Diffuser, this product uses silent ultrasound vibrations to mist essential oil essence throughout the room. After a hectic day, walking into a home that smells enchanting immediately de-stresses you. No heat is used, making it safe for kids and pets. Breathe deeply—the air quietly and quickly becomes humidified, hydrating your sinuses and letting you inhale even more deeply. Pick one or more of your favorite ArtNaturals Essential Oils to use with water to create your mist.

The sleek, sculptural ArtNaturals Bluetooth Oil Diffuser glows with soft LED light, which can be set to either one fixed color or seven changing colors: clear, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and red.

To play the perfect music for your relaxation time, all you need to do is place the Bluetooth device within a close distance of the diffuser, select “ArtNaturals,” and play your favorite tunes. Eyes, ears and nose gently release you into a meditation that can last as long as you need it to.

After calming and centering with ArtNaturals Bluetooth Oil Diffuser, you’ll be ready to drift off into Dreamland. And maybe dream of fields of flowers as a lovely song wafts gently through them? The Diffuser is extremely quiet and has an automatic shut-off.

Then, when morning comes, the Bluetooth Oil Diffuser will awaken you after a restful night’s sleep. You’re ready to face the world…serenely.
Essential oil diffusers are considered as the harbingers of the essence of beauty and health. The history of essential oil and diffusers can be traced back with the history of aromatherapy, an alternative treatment which uses traditional ways of healing by the use of herbs.
The use of essential oils themselves goes back in time of the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and Rome. Essential oils have been used medicinally at various periods in history. There are different types of diffusers – some of which use heat, others don’t – all of which have their own use and application.
The Ultrasonic Diffuser uses electric current to cause a disk instrument to emit a vibration which will cause the spread of essential oil micro particles into the air. This type of oil diffuser creates a mist that is very suitable for an aroma therapeutic environment because they are a cold mist diffuser. No heat is applied to the oil, keeping essential oils healing properties intact.
This ultrasonic diffuser is soundless until turned on and has a multitude of uses and benefits for every occasion!
Unwind: One of the best and most well-known uses of diffusing essential oils is to help you unwind at the end of a long hard day.
Boost Mood: Just as a diffuser can help you to de-stress, they can also be used to boost mood and inspire positive energy.
Create Ambiance: Diffusing essential oils or a blend of different essential oils can help create any ambiance. Use any of the unique aromas to create romance, adventure, a tropical oasis and more.
Breathe Easy: Essential oils that have a cool or citrusy aroma are great for a stuffy nose and promoting clean and healthy air flow.
Focus: Using essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to supercharge your brain. The oils in the air will help sharpen thoughts and inspire motivation and clarity.
Keep Cool: Diffusing your favorite crisp, cool, and minty essential oils in the rooms where you spend the most time, can help you beat the heat.
Safer then Candles & Incense: With an essential oil diffuser, you can reap the benefits of aromatherapy – and to much greater effect – without the risk of burns, wax spills, or other accidents and hazards.

2, vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Designed out of the highest quality hand milled ceramic porcelain, these quality pieces are created to help diffuse essential oils into any environment.
With longevity and safety off switches these diffusers run for hours while looking like a beautiful object that will seamlessly fit into any home.
Safe device, will turn off automatically either when the time is up or when water runs out.
Hand Crafted Matte Stone
A beautiful matte ceramic finish is unique, sophisticated and can fit into any space.
Easy To Clean
Simply twist off the ceramic cover and wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust or essential oil residue
Two Timer Setting
Choose between a 3-hour continuous setting or 7.5-hour interval setting depending on your needs.
Optional Light
An optional warm coloured light can be used whether the machine is diffusing or not.
• Hand crafted ceramic diffuser designed out of the highest quality porcelain
• 100ml Capacity, uses 10 – 20 drops of essential oil to diffuse up to 538.19 sq ft
• 3 hour continuous or 7 hour interval settings
• Uses ultrasonic vibrations without heat therefore keeps essential oils in full integrity
• Easy to clean with optional light feature. BPA-free plastic water reservoir
• Dimensions: 3.4in x 7in , Humidification – 2.3 fluid ounce per hour
• Manufacturer’s warranty only valid in the US and Canada

3, URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

Do You Love Having a Pleasant Scent in Your Home?
This time, URPOWER Essential oil diffusers can save you. By the spread of essential oil, it will effectively eliminate the odor, which can create an comfortable environment for living.
Using a Diffuser is an Easy Way to Disperse Essential Oils
Most common essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, tea tree oil, patchouli, and eucalyptus are distilled. Raw plant material, consisting of the flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel, is put into an alembic (distillation apparatus) over water. As the water is heated, the steam passes through the plant material, vaporizing the volatile compounds. The vapors flow through a coil, where they condense back to liquid, which is then collected in the receiving vessel.
High Quality Material
The URPOWER diffusers adopt high quality plastic which do not contain any harmful chemicals and won’t put any harmful substance in the air. It will be the perfect gift choice for you, your kids and your families. Simply put a scent that you enjoy the most in your oil diffuser and spend your enjoyable day with no worry.
To Relax Your Body
As the pace of life is increasing, people may easily to be tired, anxious and hard to get sleep. The Ultrasonic design ensure the oil diffuser control the smooth mist for long time, if adding several drops of lavender oils, it will be more helpful to relax your body and fall asleep faster.
To Build Positive Memories
There is a powerful connection between emotions, memories and scent. Minty oils such as peppermint, wintergreen and spearmint can help you feel fresh and cool. Move your diffuser to the room you plan on spending the most time to help your significant other create vivid memories.

4, ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

Large 500ML Capacity
With 500ml large water tank, the essential oil diffuser could run up to 16 hours. Perfect for any room 200+ sq.ft.
Minimalism Aesthetic
With a classic design and natural wood grain finish, our essential oil diffuser is perfect for the home, bedroom, office, yoga studio, spa.
BPA Free
Made of ultra-high grade, safe PP materials,as same as baby bottles’ materials.
Purify and humidify air
Creating a fragrant, pleasant, and healthy atmosphere in your home. Not only an oil diffuser but a cool mist humidifier, enjoy fresh and perfectly balanced air.
Relax your body
• Relieve stress
• Improve sleeping
• Moisten skin
• Relieve nasal congestion
Optional Lights
Multiple LED light color options and bright/dim flexibility give you full control to set the mood.
• SMART WI-FI TECHNOLOGY: This incredible essential oil diffuser uses the latest technology so you can perfectly control it just by using an app! Download the TuyaSmart app that is suitable for every smartphone and tablet for your convenience, and turn the purifier on and off or change the mode. The diffuser is compatible with Amazon Echo so it can operate with Alexa for easy use.
• RELAXING ATMOSPHERE: This essential oil diffuser is perfect for every home, office or yoga studio so you can create a calming atmosphere. This device will purify and humidify the air so you will no longer suffer from dry skin and lips. The diffuser will create the perfect environment so you can breathe and sleep better, relax, and feel better than ever!
• ADJUST IT TO YOUR NEEDS: The air purifier has a large capacity of 500ml so it can work through the night for best results. The light of the diffuser can be turned off or dimmed so it will never disturb your sleep. The humidifier can set schedule timers and countdown timers through TuyaSmart app, so you can adjust it to your needs for maximum results every time.
• PERFECTLY SAFE: The ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser is completely toxic-free so it can be absolutely safe for everyone, even small babies! You can safely use it on a daily basis in your space and even while you’ re sleeping for a better night’ s rest. When it’s out of water, it will automatically stop working for lower power consumption.

5, Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

A change is in the air. And that change is Ellia. Born by the wellness experts at HoMedics, Ellia is a line full of premium diffusers and 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Use them together to reduce your stress, boost your mental clarity and soothe your body and mind. At Ellia, we believe in the power of therapeutic grade essential oils to transform your space and spirit. Every Ellia diffuser is a gorgeous centerpiece that will add natural style to your home.
Diffuse the drama of the day with the Gather aromatherapy diffuser by Ellia. This isn’t your average diffuser. In addition to its great runtime (up to 10 hours continuous, or 20 hours intermittent), it also includes a color-changing mood light, relaxing and uplifting sounds, and a remote.
Complement almost any décor with this beautiful, basket-weave design. Consciously crafted from ceramic and wood, our Gather Diffuser can fill your space with a pure, natural scent of essential oils. This device blends water and oil into a fine mist that dissolves into the air for a delightful, long-lasting aroma.
To use your diffuser, simply remove the outer cover from the base and then the inner cover. Pour water into the reservoir until it reaches the max fill line. Add 5–7 drops of Ellia Essential Oils to the water. You may add more or fewer drops, depending on your preference. Put the inner and outer covers back on. Plug the adapter into the diffuser, then plug the adapter into an outlet and enjoy the peaceful aromatherapy mist.
Cleaning tips: Use a clean, damp, soft cloth to clean the surface of your diffuser as often as needed. We recommend wiping out the reservoir at least once every 2 weeks. Clean the membrane once every 2-3 weeks, depending on your usage.
• EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: TO USE: Remove the outer and inner covers. Pour water into the reservoir until it reaches the max fill line. Add 5–7 drops of essential oil to the water. You may add more or less, depending on your preference. Put the covers back on. Plug the adapter into the diffuser and plug the adapter into an outlet. TO CLEAN: recommend wiping out the reservoir at least once every 2 weeks. Clean the membrane once every 2-3 weeks, depending on your usage
• EXTENDED RUNTIME AND LARGE RESERVOIR TANK: The Ellia Gather Diffuser offers 10 hours of continuous runtime. Or if you choose, a lengthy 20 hours of intermittent runtime. The high capacity 200 mL reservoir gives the user many hours of worry-free, stress relieving aromatherapy
• QUIET ULTRASONIC OPERATION & AUTO SHUT-OFF: Our beautiful Aromatherapy Diffuser is super quiet. It discreetly humidifies your dry air with a light, pleasant fragrance that evenly disperses into the air. Its gentle glow adds a touch of color to any room in your home. The humidifying mist helps to prevent dry-chapped skin during the cold, dry winter months. Our diffuser will automatically shut-off when its 200 mL reservoir tank is too low
• SOFT, COLOR-CHANGING GLOW & RELAXING SOUNDS: The Gather Oil Diffuser is beautifully crafted from ceramic and wood. This diffuser has a delicate, basket-weave design. Use the included remote to set its color to a peaceful, color-changing light or keep it set to one beautiful gentle glow. Quiet your mind and boost your energy with its optional uplifting, relaxing sounds
• WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX: One Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Outer cover, inner cover, diffuser base, remote, AC adapter and a FREE 3-pack essential oil BONUS starter kit. One 30-day money back guarantee

6, VicTsing 300ml Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

4 Time Setting Modes:
1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and continuous. And there are 2 options of mist for you to choose from, strong and standard mist. Select a suitable timer mode & mist option and create a calming and relaxing environment.
Function Keys:
”MIST”: Press the “Mist” button, choose the time from 1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on.
”Light”: Press the “Light” button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically.
Press the “Light” button again to freeze the color you want.
Press the “Light” button again to change another color, 7 color is available.
Each color is adjustable between Bright and Dim.
1. Do not add water over MAX line(less water, more mist)
2. This is an essential oil diffuser, but you also can use it as a humidifier if you like.
3. Please use the Water-Soluble Essential Oils
• Diffuser & Humidifier: Adding several drops of oil into the water, it will fill your space with lovely fragrance. Some special oils can create therapeutic benefits. You can also use it as a humidifier without oils to add more moisture to the air-conditioner room.
• Waterless Auto-Off Function: This aroma diffuser can last for 6 -8 hours with a water tank capacity of 300ml. Designed with waterless auto-off function, this essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically after 5s when water runs out for your safety and the protection of the aroma diffuser as well.
• 4 Time Setting Modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and continuous. And there are 2 options of mist for you to choose from, strong and standard mist. Select a suitable timer mode & mist option and create a calming and relaxing environment.
• 7 Soothing LED Light: 7 soothing colors and each color has 2 light options (dim and bright). You can cycle it through 14 colors, or set it to one fixed color, so you totally will get 15 lighting modes to meet your different needs. Adopted ultrasonic technology, this aromatherapy diffuser will not disturb your study, work or sleep.
• Perfect Gifts: The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser features super modern wood grain, like a decorative piece. It is good choice to use this lovely diffuser as gifts to your friends and families, lovers.

7, Two Scents Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser

Innovative new technology brings Aromatherapy into the 21st century! Recognized for their powerful healing and mood-altering properties by cultures as diverse as Ancient Egypt, China, Rome, and Persia, essential oils can now be enjoyed more safely and efficiently with the Two Scents Nebulizing Diffuser.

– What’s Included? –
➤ Two Scents Nebulizing Diffuser
➤ 2 Reusable 10 mL Essential Oil Bottles
➤ USB AC Adapter and Micro USB cord
➤ User Manual
➤ Two Scents Sticker
➤ Aromatherapy eBook

– Key Features –
➤ Heatless: Our nebulizing technology requires 0 heat or water and diffuses 100% essential oil
➤ Extremely Quiet: Most diffusers are loud & unpleasant, but our diffuser is designed specifically to be quiet and subtle
➤ Wireless: Tripping over cords is a thing of the past! The rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours, so you can take your aromatic diffuser anywhere!
➤ Customizable Settings: Set the diffuser to run continuously or for 1, 2, or 4 hours. Choose from one of three power levels to achieve your personal zen

– Specifications –
➤ Run Time: Up to 50 hours on a full charge, depending on aroma intensity level
➤ Battery: 1200mAH Rechargeable Lithium Ion
➤ Modes: Three intermittent intensity modes: On for: 30 seconds (low), 60 seconds (medium), or 90 seconds (high); off for 120 seconds
➤ Timers: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or continuous
➤ Diffuser Weight: 7 oz
➤ Coverage: 650+ sq ft
• AROMATHERAPY: Revitalize, recharge, and rejuvenate with the natural healing power of essential oils. Pair your Two Scents nebulizing diffuser with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass, sandalwood, cedarwood, and rose. Our nebulizers deliver therapy without diluting the properties of your oil. Try adding aromatherapy into your yoga, meditation, relaxation, sleep, creativity, and mood enhancing routines.
• HEATLESS & WATERLESS: Nebulizing technology eliminates heat and water, which both dilute and alter essential oil. Nebulizers use an atomizing pump, which sends oil through a thin tube and releases a dry mist of micro-particles into the air – the healthiest and most efficient method of diffusing to maximize each drop of oil.
• WIRELESS & PORTABLE: This rechargeable diffuser can run up to 50 hours on a single charge. Forget tripping over wires and spilling oil! Since it isn’t tied to an outlet, this petite, modern, and stylish therapy diffuser can go with you anywhere – whether it is for travel, home, office, car, even vacation!
• LEAK FREE: Our diffuser is 100% leak free. Just twist in a 10 mL bottle of oil, where it will be locked securely in place. The diffuser works with most 10 ml bottles and we supply two free 10 mL bottles with every diffuser that are guaranteed to fit perfectly. If ever tilted or knocked over, this smart diffuser is programmed to automatically shut off diffusion – perfect around energetic young children and pets!
• SMOKELESS & QUIET: Enjoy your aromatherapy without suffocating from smoke! The mist our diffuser produces is essentially invisible to the naked eye, yet still produces a powerful aroma. You also don’t have to worry about disturbing others: this diffuser is ultra quiet, and sleeping while diffusing is never an issue.

8, Fyng 300ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Features Details:
1. Four timed spray modes, press the spray button to switch, ON/1H/3H/5H free choice
2. Three light modes, press the light button to switch, colorful gradient / fixed color mode / turn off the light free choice
3. a. Clock synchronization, with alarm function, press the spray button and light button to enter the adjustment state of the clock and alarm respectively,
press the plus or minus button to adjust the setting clock and alarm clock;
b. After entering the clock setting, press the light button to reset the clock.
c. After entering the alarm setting, press the spray button to cancel the alarm function.
4. With Bluetooth function, you can press and hold the PLAY button to turn on the Bluetooth function.
When the connection is disconnected and there is a tone when the Bluetooth is turned off,
press the plus or minus button to select the up and down songs. Press and hold the button to increase or decrease the volume.
There is a tone when the volume is adjusted to the maximum or minimum.
5, built-in automatic detection of water-free protection device to prevent waterless burning.
• Built-in Bluetooth Music Player: The product base is equipped with a 400mm large-diameter speaker. The essential oil diffuser adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology and is compatible with mainstream mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices in the market. It is 10 meters barrier-free transmission and plays more freely.
• Alarm clock: Synchronous clock, you can set the alarm time, multi-functional personalized design to meet the different needs of life. The clock has a power-off memory function and is easy to set up. The sound of the alarm clock may not wake up those deep sleeper.
• 7-Color LED Mood Light: This cool mist humidifier has 7-color soothing LED light that you can make it cycle through or set it to one favorite one; each color comes in strong and soft.
• All Day Or All Night: Huge 300ml capacity for 8 hours of continuous use; 1h, 3h, 5h timer, and continuous mist mode to choose from. 100% Safe: Baby-safe PP construction; auto shut-off when water level is low; perfect for homes, bedrooms, office rooms, Yoga studios, Spas, Gyms etc. The aromatherapy function, clock function, night light function, and Bluetooth speaker function can all be controlled and used separately. An essential oil diffuser for multiple uses.
• A Quiet Companion: Adds essential moisture and raise air quality in your room; provides light therapy and night light while you sleep. The essential oil diffuser can be used separately for humidification, or it can be added with essential oil to purify the air. It brings lovely fragrance to your room, perfect for creating a relaxed environment.

9, Arvidsson Essential Oil Diffuser

• Durability & Easy to Use
Arvidsson essential oil diffuser is composed of metal outer cover, PP material water tank and ABS base,it is more durable than cheap plastic diffusers. The best part of this oil diffuser is how easy it is to fill up. Tore to the fill line, drop a couple of your favorite oils, and let it do its job.
• Whisper-quiet Ultrasonic Technology
Through its ultrasonic technology, the oil diffuser disperses essential oils in a superfine mist but isn’t too overpowering, helping you readily reap the benefits of pure essential oils. Quiet operation won’t distract you whenever sleeping or working.
• Cool Mist 4 Timer Modes Setting
Multiple Timer Setting meet your different timer needs for however long you want to keep it on for! You can set the timer to run for half and hour, one hour, two hours, three hours and up.
• 7 Colors Changing & Calming Light
Color changing diffuser also doubles as a night light, allowing you to choose the shade you find most soothing. The change of lights is not distracting and only adds to the ambiance. Or you can just have the light on without the infuser going.
• BPA Free & Shut-off in Low-water Level
This ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils is totally BPA free! does not contain any chemical ingredients, make sure 100% safety to human. It ran out of water but no worries it auto shuts off so if you leave it on, no worries.
All in One: Essential Oil Diffuser / Humidifier / Colors Changing Night Light
Arvidsson essential oil diffuser functions as a night light. You can choose from one of seven colors or allow it to cycle through them like a rainbow. It helps you sleep better at night by improving breathing and providing attractive illumination. You also can turn off the light individually if you just want to diffuse at night.
Key Features:
• Ultrasonic diffusion technology
• Whisper-quiet operation
• 4 timer modes setting
• 7 colors changing light
• Auto shut-off in low-water level
• Iron Metal+Plastic+ABS
• 100ml reservoir capacity
• 250 square feet of coverage
• 3-5 hours work time
• 20-25 ml/H mist volume

10, Ellia Enchant Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Designed to enhance your home with aroma, Ellia Essential Oil Diffusers are beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of any room. They function beautifully, gently lifting your favorite aroma into your living space to help you reduce stress, boost mental clarity, and soothe your body and mind simultaneously.
The Ellia Enchant Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser features ultrasonic, high-frequency technology that converts the water and essential oil into a fine mist that can be dispersed into the air evenly, for a subtle yet satisfying effect throughout your home, workspace, or any environment. The diffuser also has a side benefit of soothing humidity to alleviate dry air that can affect your well-being.
Controlled with a remote control or mobile app for your smart phone, the diffuser’s color-changing light offers a variety of color options and soothing relaxation sounds. Pick the one that best matches your mood or cycle through them all! Use as a humidifying nightlight in your bedroom for better sleep while diffusing the air with soothing scents and healing humidity.
To use your diffuser, remove the outer cover from the base, and then remove the inner cover. Pour water into the reservoir until it reaches the max fill line, and then add 5–7 drops of essential oil. Depending on your personal preference, you may add more or fewer drops of essential oil. Put the inner and outer covers back on. Plug the adapter into the diffuser, and then plug the adapter into an outlet. Finally, power on you aroma diffuser and choose from the color options available. When the reservoir is empty, the unit will shut off automatically — helping you relax even more.
• AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER: Your Ellia Enchant Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser delivers a fine mist of water and essential oil to lift your favorite scent into the air and help humidify your home. The soothing humidity helps to alleviate dry air and fresh Ellia scents will enhance your environment. Diffusing essential oils offers many therapeutic benefits. Depending on the oil, it may help you relax after a long day, clear your mind, or find the concentration and motivation you need to keep going
• MOBILE APP & REMOTE CONTROL: There are two options for controlling your Ellia Enchant Ultrasonic Diffuser – a mobile app or a convenient remote. With the mobile app you can use your smartphone to control the mist, light, and sound options of your diffuser. Or, if you prefer, the diffuser come
• SET THE MOOD: Quiet your mind or boost your energy with this diffuser’s relaxing and uplifting sounds. You can also enhance the environment with the gentle color-changing glow from the diffuser’s LED light. Use this diffuser at home or at work to create a peaceful atmosphere to help you relax or concentrate on the work that needs to be done. You can also use this diffuser to set the mood while you meditate of practice yoga. Ellia’s Enchant diffuser is there to support you in any way it can!
• GO THE DISTANCE: This diffuser delivers up to 10 hours of continuous runtime or 20 hours intermittent runtime. Our Ultrasonic diffusing technology converts water and essential oil into a fine mist without heat and will lightly perfume your home and office with your favorite scent. Because the diffuser doesn’t use heat, you can leave it running and not worry. When the water level gets too low, the diffuser will automatically shut off on its own

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