Top 5 Best Mouse Bungees 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, Razer Mouse Bungee

Razer Mouse Bungee V2
Improve gaming precision with the Razer Mouse Bungee. Designed to eliminate cable tangling and provide accurate mousework with full freedom of movement.

  • Drag-free cord control (up to 3.2 mm).
  • Rust-resistant spring arm.
  • Weighted base for stability.
  • Anti-slip feet.

2, Meco Mouse Bungee

  • Material: plastic, metal
  • It Works with any corded mouse

3, Cougar Gaming Bunker

Bunker’s flexible arm will provide gamers with increased freedom of movements and extra smoothness in their control of the mouse, while at the same time to ensure that the mouse cord won’t get in the mouse’s way or become entangled.
To ensure compatibility with the vast majority of mice on the market, Bunker features a flexible cord groove that will adapt to virtually any mouse cord size.
Bunker’s patented design features a special colloid suction pad that provides heretofore unsurpassed levels of steadiness even on slightly uneven surfaces. This technology will allow the gamer to play comfortably: Bunker will stay in its place even in the most intense gaming sessions.
Keeps the mouse cord under total control
A powerful vacuum (patented design) will keep it steady at all times
An ultra-compact base that won’t take up much space
At only 85 grams, and with a compact design Bunker allows the user to bring it anywhere, be it a LAN party or a friend’s home.

4, Enhance Mouse Bungee

Give your gaming desk an upgrade with the ENHANCE GX-B1 Mouse Bungee. Four built-in USB 2.0 ports, soft glow LED lighting, and a sleek modern aesthetic design combined with a flexible silicone cable holder offer improved performance and organization.
A weighted design accompanied by rubber padded feet keep the GX-B1 firmly in place during even the most intense gaming sessions. The small footprint of the bungee easily fits on desks of all sizes without cluttering up your desk.
• Flexible Silicone Cable Arm
• 4 Port USB Hub
• LED Lighting (Can be turned off)
4 Port USB Hub
Doubles as a desktop USB Hub with 4 USB 2.0 ports to connect peripherals such as headsets, keyboards, mice, flashdrives and more
Cable Management System
The GX-B1 prevents cord snags and annoying cable bunching instances by creating a fixed position for your mouse to move from
Flexible Silicone Arm
Offers fluid access to a full range of motion while providing a fixed point to orient your mouse movements accurately and effectively

5, BenQ Zowie Camade

CAMADE is a solution for inconveniences with the mouse cable such as space constraints or cable entanglement. CAMADE manages the cable ensuring that this does not happen and lets gamers adjust the cable length available to make quick and unobstructed movements. The unique adjustable spring design enables the user to choose a comfortable height and its solid design allows convenient mobility without any necessary assembly. CAMADE is equipped with a rubber clip that fits all mouse cables.
• Guarantees that the cable does not interfere with mouse movements
• Unique adjustable spring allows users to select an optimal height
• Rubber feet provides stability and Solid grip to table
• Light-weight with a mobile one-piece design
• Rubber clip compatible with most mice cables

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