Top 5 Best Pry Bars 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, 3-Piece Indexable Pry Bar Set 

From aligning & rolling head pry bars to our innovative indexing and extendable indexing pry bars, GEARWRENCH offers a wide variety of pry bars for almost every application. They are ideal for engine re-positioning and placement, aligning steel components, and re-positioning equipment. Available in sets and individually, these pry bars can handle just about any prying or aligning application.

Black phosphate coating to resit rust and corrosion
Indexing pry bars provide superior leverage in the most hard to reach locations

2, Mayhew 61355 Dominator Screwdriver Pry Bar Set

These Tools Mean Business.
Pry bars are used for lifting and prying. The ergonomic handle is forged through the handle for ultimate, lasting toughness. MayhewPro Dominator pry bars are entirely heat treated and covered in a black oxide finish to discourage rust.
Set Includes:
• Dominator 7-C Pry Bar (7″ Curved)
• Dominator 12-C Pry Bar (12″ Curved)
• Dominator 18-C Pry Bar (18″ Curved)
Leverage Your Time Right Now.
The workhorse of the MayhewPro Series, Dominator is uniquely designed for unparalleled strength and durability. This exclusive collection of professional-grade capped end pry bars stands up to punishment just as easily as it dishes it out.
These Tools Are Tougher.
• Hardened, tempered-steel shaft runs from the cutting edge through the handle, delivering maximum durability and prying power.
• Capped end is forged through the handle, allowing the tool to be struck without damaging the handle.
• Full-shank heat treated for maximum strength.
• Patented two-composite handle is ergonomically designed, providing superior comfort and grip. Impact and abrasion resistant. Patent No. US006471186B1.
• Black oxide finish provides additional rust protection.
• Made in the USA.
• Mayhew is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Certificate No.17-1027. Issue Date: August 30, 2017.

3, ABN 4 Piece Pry Bar Set – 8, 12, 18, 24-Inch Bars

We don’t mean to pry (see what we did there?), but when you’re working on a tough project, don’t you want reliable tools?

Picture this:

You’re in desperate need of a pry bar to work on your machinery, but where did you last put them? You know that they are a dull brown color, but everything in your shop seems to be that same shade! Once you finally spot them camouflaged on your dark tan shelf, you notice the poor condition they are all in. Yes, you have a few pry bars, but they are bent out of shape, and the handles are worn and falling apart. You can’t work with these – they will ruin your machinery and also ruin your hands.

Fear not – we’ve got you covered. Each bar in this ABN 4 Piece Pry Bar Set is built to withstand extensive lifting, prying, and moving objects. You will never again waste your time trying to spot your dull tools and get frustrated when you find their condition, because this ABN 4 Piece Pry Bar Set is easily spotted and has the durability to last longer than your machinery.

4, Sunex 9804 Rolling Head Pry Bar Set, 6-Inch – 20-Inch

Pry bars have rolling-head/hook end and pointed end design
Includes: 6″, 12″, 16″ and 20″
Machined and hardened tips

5, True Temper 24-Inch Pinch Pry Bar 

The Pinch Point pry bar is used for levering and prying in tight spaces. Manufactured from tempered steel for maximum strength and durability. At 2.75-pounds and 24-inch overall length, the point bar works in the tightest spaces.

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