Top 10 Best Reading Lights For Bed 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, EYOCEAN LED Reading Light

Eyocean LED clip desk lamp will be a good partner to accompany your happiness and smile with its soft and warm lamplight. Use the latest LED technology .No flicker, no dizzy, no shadow, avoid eye strain caused by flickering and harsh glare effectively. Ideal for children,student,staff and craftsman.

Package Content:

1 x Eyocean Clip Reading Light

1 x Power Adapter

1 x User Manual

2, Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Book Light Bright Neck Hug Light

In order to serve better our customer ,brand “Vekkia” replaced the brand “Luminolite”. Both “Luminolite” & “Vekkia“ belong to LuminoliteStore.
• 4 Bright LEDs and 3 Brightness Settings allows you to set the desired light mode.
• 2 Flexible and Infinitely Adjustable Necks for ease of positioning your book reading light.
• Built-in 700mAh Rechargeable Battery, making it a fully cordless reading lamp.
• 【HANDS FREE LIGHT】No more holding a flashlight by your hand or by your mouth, or wear a headlamp on your head, nodding your head like a robot to adjust the light directions when you are reading or busy in repairing. This flexible neckband hug light helps you just focus on what you are doing without worrying about the light, whenever for reading in bed or in garden/patio, walking dog, repairing, crafting, working and many others.
• 【WANT READING IN BED WITHOUT BEING SENT TO READ ELSEWHERE BY YOUR PARTNER? 】Our book light is equipped by 2 LED for each arm. 1 LED for flashlight spot mode, another 1 LED for flood wide area light mode. Each arm has an independently switch for easy brightness choosing. 3 Brightness Levels for each arm: Flashlight – Wide area light– Full Brightness both flashlight & Wide light. Shining the smallest area with enough bright light for reading without disturbing your sound asleep partner.
• 【RECHARGEABLE】NO MORE WASTING MONEY ON BATTERIES – EVER. FEATURES BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE 700MAH LI-ION BATTERY. It has a life-span of 1000 cycles, equal to 3,000 pcs of AAA batteries, save your money and save the earth. Enjoy your wireless up to 6-10 HOURS reading without needing charge.Charger not included. Standard micro-USB CABLE included. No headache if the cable lost.
• 【2 INFINITELY BENDABLE NECKS】 Allowing you to position & focus light exactly where you want it, 1 light for left and 1 for right, or 1 light for front and another for back, whatever. Flexible like a Yoga lady. The necks have soft silicon surface. The neck touching part is soft padded. Perfectly comfortable for touch and wear.
• 【YOU WILL LOVE OUR NECK READING LIGHT AND OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE】 – Give it a try with our NO-FUSS 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 1 YEAR WARRANTY – CLICK THE ‘ADD TO CART’ BUTTON NOW AND GRAB IT AT THIS SALE PRICE. SHIPS FROM THE USA. (NOTE: This neck reading light is ONLY 【Sold by “LuminoLiteStore ”】 and 【Fulfilled by “Amazon”】 and ONLY LuminoLiteStore products come with 1-year warranty.)

3, TopElek Reading Light

Ergonomic Design
1. Eye Friendly LED Lamp: eye-protection and energy-saving reading light, stable light source without flickering or dazzling, protects your vision and reduces eye fatigue.
2. Metal Goose Neck: Ultra-flexible metal goose neck can bend and twist in any direction for the best light angle in low-light or dark/night situation. Metal made goose neck is more durable than common silicone made goose neck. It ensures longer longevity of the lamp.
3. Adjustable Clip with Anti-Skid Material: The adjustable clip can fit different kinds of books, computers and shelves. While the anti-skid pad keeps a firm grip on the object without scratching it.
Minimalist but Multifunctional
1. One-key Control: easy to operate, one key to turn on/off the lamp and choose different modes.
2. LED Power Indicator: The LED power indicator and the key are on the side of the lamp. Click to check remaining power when the lamp is not charging.
3. Brightness Setting: with 9 brightness options. Short press to control brightness level, long press to control color temperature.
Premium Quality
1. Strict quality test for products, no tolerance on poor quality.
2. Carefully selected materials ensure the long service time of the lamp.
3. Electricity protections: include overheat protection, abnormal voltage protection, short-circuit protection, etc. Those protections keep the lamp in normal work condition and avoid the risk of fire.
Light Source: 7 LED bulbs
Power: 1.4W
Built-in Battery: 1000mAh
Color Temperature: 6500K(4 bulbs), 3000K(3 bulbs)

4, LEDGLE Updated Rechargeable LED Book Light

• Updated Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Its 800mAh(not 700mAh) battery takes only 2.5 hours to get fully charged and can last up to 5-20 hours with high brightness and 12 hours with normal brightness. Do not have to waste money on buying batteries.
• 4 LEDs Total & 4 Level Brightness. 2 Leds Each Arm, 1 Spotlight and 1 Wide Angle LED each side. 1st Click is Wide angle Light, 2nd Click is Spotlight, 3rd Click is Spot&Wide light, 4th Click off. Functions are the same for each arm.
• Flexible Arms. Steel alloy arms are flexible and strong. Arms are covered with soft Silicone, nontoxic, safe to use, and high-grade.
• Lightweight, Compact, Portable & Durable. With only 0.3Ib weight, the bendable book light doesn’t require much space and can fit easily into your carry-on suitcase, making it an ideal choice from all aspects.
• Sold Exclusively By LEDGLE,This Updated Product Only Sold by LEDGLE With One Year Warranty!

5, acegoo Bedside Reading Light

Minimalist Reading Light Gives You A Neat Space
Don’t Disturb Sleep Mate
Narrow beam gives off enough light to read by without lighting up whole bedroom, no disturb your partner.

Dimmable Lighting
Adjust brightness to optimize lighting needs therefor create a comfortable ambiance for reading, reduced eye strain.

Best Light Source
3000K LED beam produces relaxing light in bedroom, sufficient light to read by and lamp stays cool all the time.

Easy To Position
Flexible gooseneck helps adjust lighting angle to suit different sit or lie down posture for comfortable reading in bed.
A Ideal Bed Reading Lamp You Must Have!
– Materials: Full Metal
– LED Driver: AC110-240V 50/60HZ Input, DC12V Output
– Built-in LED, 160 Lumen
– CCT: 3000K Soft Warm White
– CRI:≧85
– Lamp Cord: 79″
– LED Driver Cord: 50″
– Lamp Head: 2.4″ (L) x 1.26 (D)
– Gooseneck Length: 16″
– Lamp Holder Base: 2.4″ (D) x 0.63″ (H)
– Touch Switch, On/Off/Dimmer
– Surface Mount: headboard, wooden board, wall surface

6, EPOWER Clip on Light Reading Light

Eye Caring
Soft, comfortable and non-flickering, the lighting is friendly to your eyes and reduces eye fatigue, so you can enjoy what you’re doing for longer.

Choose Your Mode
2 different color temperature modes for you to choose: White light and warm light. And 2 brightness level you can adjust: dim and brigt.

Free Angle Adjustable
The light holder and its arm can be 360 angle adjusted and set the perfect lighting direction and viewing for your need.

Multiple Uses
No flickering and ultra-bright book light/ clip on light which is great for table, desk, dormitory and bed headboard and computer and places that can be clipped on and need lighting.

7, Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp

GENUINE DIOPTER GLASS MAGNIFIER FOR TASKS INCLUDING READING & CRAFTS: This lamp comes equipped with a genuine 3 diopter glass magnifying lens. Paired with the bright light of the LED’s, it will magnify objects 1.75x or 175% bigger then their original size. Lenses with a higher diopter should be positioned closer to the object being magnified; the closer you work, the larger the details appear. It will work great for activities like metal working, hand embroidery, reading and much more!
USE A HANDS FREE MAGNIFYING GLASS LAMP FOR CLOSE WORK . POSITION WITH THE GOOSENECK & AVOID HEADSET GLASSES. BEST FOR COMFORT! The Brightech LightView Pro Flex 2 in 1 is designed to provide max comfort. The flexible gooseneck allows you to point the glass and light where you want, and then frees your hands.
LOVED BY CRAFTERS & HOBBYISTS: Reviewers have used it for sewing, cross stitch, knitting, jewelry making, needlepoint, painting, embroidery, repairing electronics etc. Here’s what they say: “Perfect for threading needles with ease.” “Lights allow me to see true colors.” (That’s thanks to 6000K cool white – not yellow – light, like daylight.) “A life saver when stitches have dropped.” “Enough room under the glass to solder.” “A true helper for older eyes and very small electronics.”
ADJUSTABLE GOOSENECK – GREAT FOR PUZZLES & FINE CRAFTS: The Pro Flex magnafying lamp has a 13.5 inch gooseneck that bends in any direction – you can position the light and magnifier perfectly. The light stays cool to the touch so it is easy to adjust the lamp while you are working. This is perfect for reading, crossword puzzles, needlework, crocheting, beading, arts, crafts, woodwork or professional use.
The Lightview is really lightweight and is simple to put together. It comes with only four pieces that snap into place with each other easily, and also includes a simple instruction diagram to show how the parts fit together.
The On/Off switch is conveniently located at the top of the gooseneck, near the lens. The lamp is plugin operated and works with 110v – 220v outlets; you would just need to use a plug adapter to use it outside of the US, as the plug is made to fit standard US AC outlets.
This lamp includes a built-in power-saving LED fixture that stays cool, even as your living space bathes for hours. It has 6 watts, 570 Lumens and a color temperature of a clear, crisp 6,000 Kelvin. Because it’s LED and uses far less power than incandescent or halogen bulbs, it increases the lamp’s life expectancy to 15-20 years, and you’ll never have the replace the bulb! (Please NOTE- bulb is not dimmable.)
The lens of the Lightview Flex is approximately 3 inches wide (in its housing, the total width is 5 inches). The lamp’s gooseneck measures 13.5 inches long and it lets you adjust the height of the lamp from anywhere between 6 and 16 inches tall.
The clamp can be used on a desk up to approximately 2.5 inches and the lamp’s cord is just under 5 feet long.

8, Energizer Clip-on Book Light

Energizer LED Book Light: Here’s Some Light Reading for You
This reading light’s spring clip attaches to books, e-readers, clipboards, visors, and more for an array of uses.
With its flexible neck and compact size, you can direct light at any angle and fold it up for easy travel.
Warm white LED gives you personalized bright, natural reading light without disturbing anyone around you.
Keep Lighting the Night with Even More Energizer LED Lights
Stow away our best-selling Energizer LED Flashlight for emergency situations or late-night walks.
Keep both of your hands free and use your head with our comfortable and high-performing Energizer headlamp.
Energizer brings you long-lasting performance in an array of battery power levels and sizes to keep you going.
Here’s some light reading: The Energizer Book Light emits a warm, white LED light with superior contrast for optimal reading conditions or other up-close tasks. The exclusive beam design delivers broad illumination while still being narrow enough to not bother anyone near you. Forget lugging around a flashlight, this book light is easy to travel with—its flexible neck and compact size fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse without hassle. Simply clip the reading light onto a book, binder, tablet, eReader, car visor, or any other surface that is 0.5 inches (13mm) thick. Order the Energizer LED Book Light now and stop reading this, so you can start reading everywhere.

9, LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Rechargeable Bed Lights

Both “LuminoLite” and “Vekkia” Brands are belong to LuminoLite Store
In order to serve better our customers, “Vekkia” will gradually replace all “LuminoLite” brand products in 2019 to reduce any confusion.
If you used to buy a “LuminoLite” product, and now you are buying again, the product might be presented in “Vekkia” brand. Everything is the same, high quality, good service, and friendly using experience.
• This small-sized book light is portable and light weight only 2.15OZ.
• Packing very small, fits in handbag or tote.
• Take it everywhere, such as, home, hotel, on car,airplane, etc.
Book Light
3000K warm light. The most suitable color temperature for sleeping, bed reading.
Night Light
Creates a private reading space for you alone when your partner is sleeping next to you.
Craft Light
0.8in clip can clip on the item you wanted.

10, Raniaco Led Clip Reading Light

• We Stand Behind Our Products ! Buy With Confident?Touch Switch with 3 Levels Of Adjustable Brightness—Low setting is ideal as a night light using without disturbing your bedmate; while high setting is suitable for reading or studying
• Built In 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery with USB Interface Design (No charger)— raniaco book lamp can be powered by USB charger, plug and play, notebook PC USB, Mobile phone adapter, Car usb and etc
• Easy To Use With Clip Base Or Stand—The reading light comes with a clamp holder which can be opened at 2.36inch and placed on your desk or fixed at the edge when you want to read. It saves you space, protects your eyes and makes you create the feeling of trendiness
• 360 Degrees Rotating Flexible Design With Adjustable Twisted Tube–The Super anti slip silicone pad coupled with its light body makes it sturdy when placed in a standing position
• With 12 LED Bulbs And Long Battery Life Of 24 Hours: The frosted lampshade design is unique. The Soft light is ideal for your eyes as it does not flicker or produce negative radiation

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