Top 9 Best Smart Water Bottle 2022 – 2023 REVIEWS & BUYER’S GUIDE

1, H2OPal Smart Bottle Hydration Tracker

Similar to a fitness tracker, H2O-Pal is a hydration tracker that works with your water bottle.
It makes your life easier by helping you take in more water, fewer calories and improve your productivity and focus by avoiding dehydration.
When it comes to building a successful habit, having a sense of progress is incredibly important but tracking your water intake manually isn’t easy.
H2O-Pal solves this as it logs data automatically and it sends you helpful reminders if you’re falling behind.
• H2OPal is a smart water bottle that automatically tracks your hydration and sends smart reminders
• Auto-adjusts your goals based on activity, weather, and profile (height, sex, etc.) information.
• Premium glass bottle to best preserve fresh taste of water. Don’t use with carbonated water/drinks.
• Optimized for home & office use. Doesn’t fit in car cupholders. Not ideal for biking or hiking.
• Works with iPhone. (WARNING: Android app in early beta. Does NOT work on most Android phones.)

2, Hidrate Spark 3

This sleek NEW 20 oz. water bottle features a full body illumination allowing the Tritan plastic body to fully glow once activated.
This 100% BPA-free bottle includes a battery that is 3x larger, ensuring users will enjoy an extended battery life.
The no-charge-needed battery is now easily accessible at the bottom of the bottle. This new design also includes an improved sensor technology for more accurate water intake data along with a smooth silicone sleeve to improve grip and minimize condensation.
Using a built-in sensor, the Hidrate Spark 3 bottle tracks your water intake and syncs via Bluetooth to the brand’s free hydration app on your phone (available on iOS and Android).
When a user falls behind on their hydration goal, LED lights embedded in the bottle glow in customizable patterns as a reminder to stay on track.
Users also receive reminder notifications throughout the day via the hydration app.
• Improved sensor technology that tracks water intake & syncs to our free hydration tracker app via Bluetooth Low Energy.
• Bold NEW GLOW illuminates the entire bottle. Choose from 3 exciting light patterns.
• Battery is 3x larger, ensuring you will enjoy an extended battery life.
• Includes a smooth silicone sleeve that improves grip and minimizes condensation.
• BPA free, dishwasher safe lid and bottom ring. Hand-wash body and sensor stick.

3, Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, encouraging an active lifestyle is great, but it’s not possible without great hydration. Being consistently hydrated helps you improve your mental alertness that helps with better focus and memory.
Like your fitness tracker, Ozmo is a complete system designed to help you achieve a greater level of wellness. With ability to measure and record both your water and coffee consumption, the smart bottle and companion app track your progress throughout the day to help you reach your hydration goals.
So, you’ll know whether that 4pm latte is a good idea, or how much you should drink after that 5-mile bike ride. With Ozmo you can go about your day feeling healthy and energized, wherever you go, whatever you do.
The Ozmo Smart Bottle connects with the Ozmo App via Bluetooth and gives you a personalized hydration goal. It syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health and Garmin and auto-adjusts your hydration goal post workout.

4, RYRUS Smart Water Bottle

LCD HD Touch Screen+Space Aluminum Alloy Cup Lid
Warm and non-slip.The front is equipped with an exquisite LCD status indication,touch carving fine beauty of the craftsmanship.
Blue Color—Cold Water Suitable to Drink.
Yellow Color—Warm Water Recommended to Drink.
Red Color–Hot Water Careful to Drink.
Careful Selection Of Materials Is Only For Your Peace Of Mind
Food grade 304 pure stainless steel liner,food grade PP plastic cover makes drinking water more assured.
Safe Hygienic Drinking Water From Cup Mouth Starting
It adopts food grade 304 pure stainless steel material electroplating process.Simple thick outer cover,anodized surface,no rust,no corrossion,durable.
• MULTI-FUNCTION – Timing function, alarm reminder, magnetic charging, easy to use – Designed to remind you to drink water regularly or take medicine on time.
• TEMPERATURE DISPLAY – Keep cold for 24 hours, keep hot 12 hours. The size of this smart water cup insulated water bottle is 17oz, large capacity to fit your daily hydration needs.
• SAFETY HYDRATED – Water purity detection and warning message ensures healthier water consumption. Let smart cup help you to cultivate a better and healthier water drinking habit!
• INSTANT TEMPERATURE DISPLAY & WARNING – On the LCD screen, you can see the instant temperature display. And LED display light will change with the temperature of different color change!
• MORE FEATURES – Leakproof non-spill screw top design enhances its portability and general applications. Silica gel pad bottom prevents it from skidding on smooth or wet surfaces as well as reducing the impact from a fall.

5, Goglor Smart Water Bottle

Improve the Quality of Life, Start with Drinking Water.

Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel:
Dustproof, waterproof and antirustnon-rusting. Safer and healthier than plastic or glasses water bottles.

Keep Cold/Hot for 8hours:
Won’t sweat or get hot to the touch. Take hot tea or coffee with you up the mountain or cold water or beer to the beach.

Temperature Display:
No need to test temperature by mouth, avoid burns.

Charging 1.5 Hours for 30 Days Using:
Unique charging method, safer and more energy-efficient.

Display: LCD Touch Screen
Battery capacity: 230 mAh
Charging method: Magnetic Charging
Charging time: about 1.5 hours
Working time: about 30 days
Capacity: 400ML
Product size: 238* 73.4mm
Product net weight: 295g
• The size of this smart water cup insulated water bottle is 238* 73.4mm, 400 ml large capacity to fit your daily hydration needs.
• Easy to know the temperature of liquid inside by touching LCD screen: green low temperature, blue suitable for drinking temperature, red high temperature.
• Fast charging, 1.5 hrs to fully charge, work time up to 30 days. Energy saving, eco-friendly! Suitable for easy travel, great to bring cold or hot drinks to all occasions like outdoor sports, office, beach, school, picnic, hot yoga, hiking, camping, cycling, running, walking, gym, fitness, etc.
• LCD HD Touch Screen for prompt real-time water temperature display provide the most caring drinking experience for you. You don’t have to worry about being scalded by water when you drink water.
• The built-in buzzer drinking water reminder, flash drinking water reminder, free to convert.

6, ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle

• 【Smart Water Bottle】1 Hour Glows to Remind You to Drink More Water ,Stay Hydrated and Healthy,Great Gift
• 【Bottle Materials】22 oz, Water Bottle Materials Made in USA ,EASTMAN Tritan, FDA Compliant,100% BPA-Free Non-Toxic,NO Smell
• 【Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker】360°Sound,Built-in 600mAh Battery,5W,Very Loud and Clear,Water Resistant,For Party,Yoga,Gym, Bike,Beach,Hiking,Pool,Shower,Camping, Outdoor
• 【Resonant Design】Special Resonance Function,When Used on Wooden Tables Will Produce Strong Bass
• 【Dancing Lights】Press and Hold the Pause Button,Turn on or off the Dancing Lights Mode,In Dancing Lights Mode,Lights Will Dancing to Music

7, Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle

Achieve your hydration goals and support a healthy lifestyle with the new 24 oz. Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid.
This bottle with smart lid is used with the Thermos Smart Lid app and will measure your liquid intake while also providing you with a live time reading of the temperature of your beverage.
Water is an essential part of staying hydrated and healthy. The Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid can help you do that!
Activity Dashboard
The activity dashboard displays information about the current liquid level in your bottle, temperature of the liquid, and the progress you are making towards your daily hydration goal.
Set your Daily Hydration Goal
Set your daily hydration goal using the baseline average or set a custom goal based on your desired intake amount. With the integrated hydration calculator, you can calculate your own suggested intake level based on your personal data.
Thermos Smart Lid App
Your Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid requires the free Thermos Smart Lid app that is available on the App Store. It requires iOS 7 + and works with the following devices:
Works with Fitibit
The Thermos Smart Lid app works with your Fitbit account! By connecting a Fitbit account with the Thermos Smart Lid app, users’ profile information links for easy set up and then they instantly see hydration stats sync each time a bottle of water is finished.
Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology
The Connected Bottle uses Bluetooth Smart technology with a line of sight range of up to 75 feet.

8, OULYLAN Smart Water Bottle

Product Introduction
1.Push the spray switch to open the spray, push up the spray switch to close the spray function for 30 minutes
2.The trigger button opens the white led light for the first time. The trigger button will open the red led flashing emergency indicator for the second time Trigger the button to turn off the light for the third time.
4.The long press the button for two seconds, the buzzer sounds two and the blue light twinkles two times and then closes, when the representative opens two hours of drinking water reminder function.
5.After two hours, the buzzer will ring five times while the blue led will blink for five minutes and then stop, and the clock will end.
6.if you want to turn off this feature, please press the button twice in two seconds for the buzzer, and the blue led will flash twice, indicating that the shut-down timer

When charging the product, the red led is always bright and the blue light is always bright.
When the product power supply is insufficient, turn on the spray or the lighting, the red light flashes 5 times after closing, indicating that the battery is not enough, please charge timely.
Tips: to protect the internal battery of this product, please charge it once every six months to make the best use of the battery.

Material: food grade PP + ABS + silica gel
Working Voltage: DC3.7v /18650 lithium ion battery
Battery Capacity: 1200mAH
Charging Voltage/current: DC5v / 500mA
Operation current: no more than 500mA
Rated power: less than 2W
Electrostatic current: no more than 100uA
Water tank capacity: 60ML
Aerosolized amount: 400ML
• Material and Capacity: Food Grade PP + ABS + Silicone, it is safety, no peculiar smell and non-toxic, 100% BPA Free. Bottle Capacity: 400ml, Water tank capacity: 60ml.
• Remind drinking: 2H health drink reminder regularly. After starting drinking water mode, it will be issued every 2 hours drip to remind you drinking water. You can also turn off the remind drinking function.
• BEAUTY SPARY: While sliding down the spray switch gently, ultrasonic nano gentle and detailed spray, soothe tired skin, reducing wrinkles, moisturizing your skin any time and place.
• Multifunction Cup (4 In 1), Water replenishment (Timing Remind Drinking), LED Night light, SOS emergency light, fashion appearance.
• Outdoor Sports, it not only Water Bottle, SOS emergency lights for night cycling, climbing and other outdoor sports enthusiasts design. Also can be used for a guide light, hazard signal rescue light and car emergency light. Easy to carry, solve the outdoor sports worry.

9, HydraCoach 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

The HydraCoach is the world’s first Intelligent Water Bottle. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration.
Doctors, Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers all recommend that we drink more water yet there has never been a device to help individuals adhere to the expert’s recommendations.
The HydraCoach is the first product of its kind and breakthrough in personal hydration monitoring.
The HydraCoach Hydration Monitor allows individuals to easily monitor and attain fluid consumption goals in order to help promote and maintain proper hydration.
It is designed to help athletes, medical professionals and health/diet conscious individuals plan and monitor personal hydration needs for themselves or for those in their care.
The Company’s innovative design and technology provides users with instant real-time and ongoing feedback, as well as customized information on the volume and cumulative rate of fluid intake.
Drink Monitor
Monitors the total amount of water consumed throughout the day.
Personal Hydration Goal
Automatically calculates the amount of recommended and consumed daily water.
Average Consumption
Displays the average amount of water consumed per hour.
Sip Tracker
Displays the amount and percentage of water consumed relative to your Personal Hydration Goal.
Follow These Easy Steps:
1. Fill your HydraCoach with water and note the consumed amount on the display which is probably zero (0) ounces if it’s the start of the day.
2. Be sure to press the blue “START” button before you drink.
3. Take one healthy sip. It should feel like approximately one ounce.
4. Look at the display to see if the zero has changed to “1 ounce”. If so you now know the proper sip intensity needed to record your consumption accurately.
5. If the display still shows zero then you’ll need to generate a little bit more water flow when you sip. Try it again. Once the zero changes to “1 ounce” you’ll understand the intensity needed for accurate recordings.
Once you get the hang of it which should take no time at all your accuracy will greatly improve. Then you’ll be on your way to optimal hydration!

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