Top 14 Best Webcam For Streaming 2022 – 2023 [Buying Guide]

1, Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Power your online video content with the Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam. This HD Camera is more than capable of streaming and recording high-quality videos with crystal-clear audio, all in your home.Works with OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) – XSplit Broadcaster
This web camera is specially designed to meet the needs of streamers who like to broadcast on popular websites such as Twitch and YouTube. You need a camera that works fast and well for this, and the C922x is exactly that. It has a full HD lens that records 1080p videos at 30 frames per second and is also capable of 720p resolution at 60 frames per second. You and your viewers can enjoy superior quality that doesn’t lag behind your games. The premium autofocus adjusts to various lighting conditions, whether the glare of a multiple-monitor setup or a dimly lit bedroom. The professional quality of this webcam gives you that edge to rise above the rest! Two integrated omnidirectional microphones with noise-reduction technology pick up sounds from every direction for a complete video that doesn’t lag.
Don’t bore your viewers with the backdrop of a blank wall when they watch your stream – put yourself right in the action with Personify’s background replacement technology. It is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t need a green screen. Integrate your live image hassle-free and turn up the heat as you play your favorite games in front of a live internet audience.
Breaking through as an online streamer can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Logitech helps you get started by giving you a free, six-month Xsplit license, whether for fun or professional use. One of the most popular streaming apps today, Xsplit allows you to fine-tune all of the different aspects of your live stream, including sound levels, lighting, text overlays, music, graphics, and so much more. This license includes access to both the Broadcaster and Gamecaster apps. Record, edit, and broadcast all of your adventures in the gaming world with Logitech!
Optimized for streaming and recording
Connect with superior clarity every time you go live on channels like Twitch and YouTube. Broadcast your gameplay in 1080p with reliable no-drop audio, autofocus, 78-degree field of view and free 6-month* premium XSplit license.
System Requirements
• Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, macOS X 10.9 or higher, XBox One, Chrome OS, Android v5.0 or above
• USB port
The end date varies depending on the product purchase date but is always 6 months after the purchase date.

• Web Camera specifically designed and optimized for Professional quality video streaming on social gaming and entertainment sites like Twitch and YouTube
• Stream and record vibrant, true-to-life HD 1080P video at 30Fps/ 720P at 60FPS. Compatibility- Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, macOS X 10.9 or higher, XBox One, Chrome OS, Android v5.0 or above, USB port
• Background replacement technology (powered by personify) allows you to integrate your live image and any background Scene, right onto your stream (only works with Windows 7 and above)
• Full HD glass lens and premium autofocus deliver razor-sharp, clear video in consistent high Definition while two Built-in mics capture your voice in rich Stereo Audio
• Record clear videos even in dim or poorly backlit settings with automatic light Correction.Cable length:5 ft

2, HP KQ246AA 8.0 MP Deluxe Webcam

HP KQ246AA 8.0 MP Deluxe Webcam

HP’s Deluxe Webcam has quick-launch buttons1 for chat, making videos, and taking photos, a 1.3 MP sensor, autofocus, and 8 MP photos are all included with our Deluxe Webcam. Use it with AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, or Yahoo Messenger.
• Up to 8-Megapixel still image capture with software interpolation.
• 1.3-Megapixel sensor with Autofocus in a small form factor webcam.
• Certified high-speed USB 2.0: take full advantage of your broadband access and enjoy up to 30 frames per second for smooth and natural body motion.
• Integrated wide angle microphone capture your voice from any position.
• Tilt and Pan: easily adjust your webcam to let you show what you want while maintaining a stable connection to your monitor.

3, Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

Your video is worth 1,000 texts – Your picture is worth 1,000 texts. This true HD camera gives you bright and colorful video, and it’s so easy to post that your parents could do it.
Put Yourself On The Widescreen
This true HD camera gives you bright and colorful video that you can easily share and post to your favorite social sites like Messenger, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Easily Attaches To Your Monitor
Attaches to your monitor, laptop or notebook with its flexible universal attachment base. Works great for those on the go with the crystal-clear audio and built in omnidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation.
See The Difference
TrueColor technology provides superior color and brightness in almost all lighting conditions, including low light and backlight. The 720p HD sensor delivers widescreen video at 16:9 at up to 30 frames per second.
Webcam Cable Length 59.1 inches (1500 millimeters)
Interface High-speed USB compatible with the USB 2.0 specification
Operating systems Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / RT 8.1 / RT 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) excluding Windows XP Pro 64-bit
Top-Line System Requirements Microsoft Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / RT 8.1 / RT 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) excluding Windows XP Pro 64-bit. For VGA video calling: Intel Dual Core 1.6 GHz or higher, 1 GB of RAM. For 720p HD recording: Intel Dual Core 3.0 GHz or higher, 2 GB of RAM, 1.5 GB of hard drive space, USB 2.0 required, Windows-compatible speakers or headphones
Resolution Motion Video: 1280 X 720 pixel resolution, Still Image: 1280 X 800 pixel resolution = 1,024,000 pixels
Imaging Rate Up to 30 frames per second
Imaging Features Digital pan, digital tilt, vertical tilt, swivel pan, and 4x digital zoom, Fixed focus from 0.3m to 1.5m, True Color – Automatic image adjustment with manual override, 16:9 widescreen, 24-bit color depth
Audio Features Audio Features Integrated microphone
Microphone Technology Omni directional microphone
Mounting Features Universal attach base

4, Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam

Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam

Logitech is bringing Ultra HD video quality to their famous webcam line with the brand new BRIO. Equipped with high-tech optics and lenses to help deliver razor-sharp images, the BRIO offers professional-level visuals in one small, easy-to-understand package!
The BRIO is capable of recording, streaming, and calling at full 4k Ultra HD. Clearly see all of the details and colors that pop out on any screen. 1080p and 720p video resolutions are also available. In addition, Logitech’s own RightLight 3 aids in correcting the lighting of your surroundings. It will automatically adjust the image quality to compensate for too much or too little light with High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities. Look great no matter where you are!
Additionally, the BRIO’s powerful 5x digital zoom allows you to focus on important things with precision. The BRIO has three different field of view settings to choose from: 65°, 78°, and 90°. This webcam only shows what you want, whether you’re having a private conversation or showing a wider view of your surroundings.
Two omnidirectional microphones amplify your voice in your video call or recordings, allowing you to be heard clearly, while noise-cancelling technology helps filter out any unnecessary sounds. Get only the best video experience without a complicated set-up! This webcam also has great infrared facial recognition capabilities, with the ability to easily distinguish your features thanks to its Ultra HD image quality. This makes it great for fast computer logins with Windows Hello and other facial recognition apps.
The Logitech BRIO is compatible with Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.10 and up, Chrome OS, and Cisco. It can be used with most video-calling apps such as Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Line, ooVoo, and more. The BRIO is certified for Skype for Business and can be used with Microsoft Cortana voice control. Additionally, mounting the webcam in multiple positions is easy thanks to its removable clip. Install it on your monitor or your desk without difficulty. An embedded tripod thread allows you to combine the BRIO with a tripod for flat surfaces.
Powered by a USB 2.0 and 3.0 connection, simply plug the webcam into your computer, and you’ll be good to go. USB 3.0 is required for 4k video output.
Capture every detail in 4K HD
Stream crystal-clear video with superb resolution, color and detail. BRIO delivers 4K Ultra HD at 30 fps or 1080p at either 30 or an ultra-smooth 60 frames/sec. Get a closer look with 5x zoom.
Look great in any light
Look your best in any lighting condition, even low light or bright sunshine. Built-in RightLight 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology auto adjusts to highlight the most important subject: you.
Security meets convenience
Powered by both optical and infrared sensors, BRIO delivers fast and secure facial recognition for Windows Hello. No need to type a password for Windows 10: simply look into BRIO’s lens to login.
Adjustable field of view
Choose from three field of view settings to perfectly frame your video. For a head and shoulders shot, pick 65 degrees. For larger groups or to capture more of the room, choose 78 or 90 degrees.

5, Webcam Full HD 1080P OBS Live Streaming Camera

Webcam Full HD 1080P OBS Live Streaming Camera

AUSDOM HD Streaming Webcam AW620
This Full 1080P Computer Camera with Crystal Clear Picture Built-in Microphone for video calling and recording on Twitch, Skype, Facetime, Youtube, Yahoo Messenger, OBS Live Streaming.
Webcam with high quality resolution and the build quality is great.Stream and record vibrant, true-to-life HD 1080P,  Streaming anything
you want in your choice of video at 30Fps.
Adjust Light Automatically
Automatic low light adjustment keeps video clear even in dimly lit rooms.Never worry about the quality of image again.
Multi-purpose Stream Webcam
High Quality – With full HD 1080P (1920 x 1080 pixels, up to 30fps ) for video calling and recording on Skype/Facetime/Youtube/Yahoo Messenger /OBS Live Streaming.
The image quality and microphone is nice, you can enjoy the video chat with your family, friends and colleagues.
Built-in Microphone
with noise reduction microphone
Webcam Streaming AW620 of AUSDOM is built-in stereo microphone audio, capture your voice in rich Stereo Audio.
360°Rotation Lens
The base supports 360°rotation lens and adjusts to meet the requirements.
Compatibility & System Requirements
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later, Mac OS 10.6 or later, Chrome OS, Android V5.0 or above, Available USB port, Internet connection,
• New Version of AW620 — New Upgraded AW620 Pro is compatible with OBS Studio, it is specifically designed and optimized for excellent quality video streaming on Youtube, Twitch.
• Full 1080p & Crystal Clear Picture— Webcam with high quality resolution and the build quality is great.Stream and record vibrant, true-to-life HD 1080P video at 30Fps.
• Built-in Microphone — Webcam Streaming AW620 PRO is built-in stereo microphone audio, capture your voice in rich Stereo Audio.
• Friendly Design — This Stream Webcam is literally Plug and Play, due to the nicely designed monitor mount, It clamps onto any size and shape display you throw at it, make your webcam life more convenient.
• System Requirements & Warranty — Compatible with Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Chrome OS and Android v 5.0 or above,and Full 12 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty.

6, Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo

Designed and tested by top streamers, the Razer Kiyo is a desktop streaming camera with a powerful, multi-step ring light that you can dim or brighten on command, and the ability to stream at 60 fps for full gaming fidelity. It’s the perfect camera for professional streaming.
Broadcasting Camera With an Inbuilt Ringlight
The Razer Kiyo is not just another desktop camera. It is the product of endless thought put into building the perfect broadcast studio. And by assessing the needs of gamers worldwide, we’ve crafted a device that streams at incredible quality while ensuring you’re always perfectly lit.

• Designed for Streaming: Supports video and audio recording in 720p 60 FPS / 1080p 30 FPS; Streamlabs certified and compatible with popular platforms like OBS and XSplit
• Convenient, Built-In Lighting: An attached, 5600K daylight-balanced ring light around the camera keeps you evenly lit without the hassle of additional lighting equipment
• Instant Adjustable Brightness: A rotating bezel allows for quick, brightness level changes without the need to go into software settings
• Superior Low-Light Performance: Reduces graininess and brings out details in darker environments
• Compact, Folding Design: Perfect for on-the-go content creators

7, Mevo Plus

Mevo Plus

Mevo Plus is the latest camera from Livestream, re-engineered for faster and stronger performance. Mevo Plus transforms any event into a professional live production. Edit video in real-time and stream live to every major platform including Livestream, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitter.
Your story matters. Tell it beautifully with Mevo Plus. Live Edit in Full HD Live editing on the fly between multiple cameras using an easy-to-use iPhone app, with simple features that include: tap to cut, pinch to zoom, and drag to pan. Automated editing mode with smart people recognition and movement tracking.
Minimum input/maximum output: Sony 4K sensor captures high-quality video, built-in microphone array and DSP provides stellar audio quality. Mevo is a pocket-sized live event video camera that lets you edit on your iPhone while you film, enabling you to share liveevents in real time with unprecedented production value.
 Mevo helps busy consumers, organizations, and event producers seamlessly share the engaging stories of their live events by putting the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production studio at their fingertips. The sleek Mevo camera fits in the palm of your hand, yet its 150-degree all glass lens and 4k sensor enable the iOS app to control multiple virtual HD cameras. Live editing includes the ability to pan, zoom, and cut between multiple live shots from a single camera, providing the same storytelli.
• Mevo Plus by Livestream – Mevo Mount – 16GB microSD Card – AC Power Adapter (US) – 10 ft USB Charging Cable – Mevo 1 Year Warranty – Bundle Items: – Mevo Boost by Livestream – Mevo Case – K&M 20170-500-55 Microphone Stand
• Stream to Livestream, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Twitter in up to Full HD 1080p from virtually anywhere over Wi-Fi or LTE.
• Your mobile device is now your personal video editing suite – zoom, pan and cut with Ease, all from a single camera and app. Available for Android (6 or higher) and iOS (9.3 or higher).
• New – 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip with 2×2 MIMO antennas delivers faster data transmission speeds, stronger Wi-Fi performance and increased range.
• 150 deg all-glass Lens and Sony 4K / 12MP CMOS sensor enables recording in stunning 4K or streaming in up to full 1080P HD.

8, Genius WideCam F100

Genius WideCam F100

It’s time to upgrade your webcam usage. Genius presents a new Full HD webcam to enhance your chatting and video conference experience, WideCam F100. This webcam has an “ultra wide angle lens” up to 120 degrees which lets you see at a wider angle so there’s no need to crowd around in front of a regular webcam.
For video conferences, WideCam F100 has a built-in stereo microphone to let you talk freely with crystal clear voice quality. Plus, the glass lens provides a better image quality for chatting. The F100 also include an USB extension cable which can increase the distance up to three meters.
Enhance your chatting and video conference experience with the WideCam F100. View larger

Full HD Video Chatting
The 12-megapixel sensor in the WideCam F100 lets you chat at a full 1080p high-definition resolution, and record video in Full HD at up to 30fps.
Wide Angle Lens
The 120-degree field of view provided by the wide angle lens lets you see more during webcam chats–great for boardroom meetings, telecommuting, or multi-person chats. The camera rotates 360 degrees for versatile positioning, and the manual focus lets you fine-tune your picture for viewing precision.
Built-In Microphone
The WideCam F100’s built-in stereo microphone provides crystal voice quality, helping you understand and be understood even in discussions with more than two people.
Software Included
The included ArcSoft Webcam Companion 4 lets you record your own Full HD video and make basic edits. Combined with the 1.5m extension cable, the WideCam F100 truly includes everything you need for high-definition VoIP and webcam chatting.

9, Logitech C270

Logitech C270

Logitech HD Webcam C270—making HD video calling simple.
Say it bigger. Say it better. High definition 720p video in widescreen for picture quality that’s simply amazing.
Self-expression knows no bounds. It’s not just about video calls anymore.
Video blog, stream, share, rant, rap, sing and dance with ease. Plus it works seamlessly with your favorite applications. The term ‘webcam’ doesn’t quite do it justice.
Stay connected in widescreen HD 720p
•  The smoothest HD video calls with more video frames per second than other HD webcams
•  Show friends more of you in 16:9 widescreen
•  Easy to stream video, share your recorded videos or vblog
Sound clear even in a noisy room
The built-in mic reduces background noise so the person you’re calling hears you loud and clear.
Video calling made easy
Enjoy fluid HD 720p calls on Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Logitech Vid HD—the free, fast and fast easy way to see your loved ones face-to-face.
Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology
Now it’s in every Logitech webcam, giving you:
•  Smoother video motion, without annoying choppiness, in real-world conditions
•  Sharper video with more true-to-life detail
•  Richer, more natural colors
•  Clearer sound
Simple to snap and send photos
Take vibrant 3-megapixel snapshots with just one click.
Sleek universal design
•  Clips securely to any laptop or LCD monitor
•  Flat panel design looks great with the latest laptop styles
Comes with good lighting
With automatic light correction, you’ll get the best possible image—even if you make a video call in dim light.
• HD 720p video calling and HD video recording, 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo, 2 GB RAM,200 MB hard drive space
• Video capture: Up to 1280 x 720 pixels, Logitech Fluid Crystal
• Crisp 3 MP photos Technology,Hi-Speed USB 2.0
• Compatible with: Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Works in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode with supported video-calling clients: macOS 10.10 or later, Chrome OS,Android v 5.0 or above
• built-in microphone filters out background noise. System Requirements: Windows 7 Windows 8 or Windows 10 or later|macOS 10.10 or laterChrome OSAndroid v 5.0 or above|USB portInternet accessVisit your preferred video calling solution provider’s website for exact information on system and performance requirements.|Visit your preferred video calling solution provider’s website for exact information on system and performance requirements.|Works with Skype – Google Hangouts – FaceTime for Mac.FoV: 60°

10, Mevo


Mevo is the new pocket-sized live event video camera and companion iOS app that lets you edit while you film. Now you can share live events in real time with unprecedented production value.
Real-time editing
Your mobile device is now your personal video editing suite — zoom, pan and cut with ease, all from a single camera and app.
Stream live or share later
Stream live in up to 1080p from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE. Mevo can stream live to Livestream, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, and YouTube. Use Mevo to record your event to the included microSD card. Record wideshots in stunning 4K or use the live editing features and record in up to 1080p.
• Mobile Requirement – iOS 10 or higher, Android 6.0 or higher , Frame Rate – 30fps , Bluetooth 4.1 – BT and BLE compatible , Battery Type – Li-Ion, 1200 mAh, 3.7V and 4.44 Wh , Memory Card Compatibility – Micro SD (SD, SDHC, SDXC) , Operating temperature – 35-77 degree fahrenheit (2-25 degree celsius)
• Stream live to your customers, fans, & friends from virtually anywhere via Wi-Fi or LTE. Mevo supports Livestream, Facebook Live, Periscope & Twitter
• No rig required. Simple, small and discreet-the Mevo camera & app are all you need to record or stream your live events beautifully.
• 150 degree all glass lens with Sony 4K sensor enabling 720p HD video output for streaming & recording.
• Built in stereo microphones with dedicated DSP, and the ability to plugin external audio through the iOS device connected to the camera.

11, HP Webcam HD-3100-720P Widescreen Webcam

HP Webcam HD-3100-720P Widescreen Webcam

Do more with a high-definition webcam. The HP Webcam HD-3100 is great for video chatting, capturing photos and recording videos. Count on TrueVision for improved video quality in low-light conditions and use built-in adaptive lighting to automatically adjust to changing light. Plus, view accurate, true-to-life color thanks to automatic white balance. With this widescreen webcam, you can also fit multiple people in your picture or video at the same time. Face-tracking helps make sure that you stay in the center of every frame.
• 720P (1280×720) CMOS sensor; Fixed focus- range approximately 12 inches to 10 feet; USB 2.0 high-speed certified; Still Picture Resolution: Up to 5.7 Megapixels
• Compatibility: AIM, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messanger
• Digital Zoom: Settings up to 5X; Tilt: 60 degrees, up to 30 degrees down and 30 degrees up; Pan: 360 degrees, up to 180 degrees left, up to 180 degrees right
• System Requirements: Intel Pentium 4 with 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon equivalent processor or faster & 1GB RAM, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 with SP2 (32 or 64 bit), 230 MB Free hard drive space for software, CD-ROM drive, USB 2.0 port
• What’s in the Box: Webcam; CD with driver, software and documentation: ArcSoft Webcam Companion 3, Magic-i Visual Effects 2, ArcSoft ShowBiz; Quick set-up guide; Limited Warranty document

12, Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam – 90-Degree Extended View, Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype Certified System Requirements: Windows 7 Windows 8 or Windows 10Mac OS X 10.7 or higherChrome OS Version 29.0.1547.70 and higher2 GB RAM or moreHard drive space for recorded videosOne USB 2.0 port|All UVC appsH.264 for Skype for Business|All UVC apps|H.264 for Skype for Business|Certified for Skype for BusinessOptimized for Microsoft LyncSkype CertifiedCisco compatibleWebEx.
A Webcam That Means Business
Experience business calls that are like being there in person. Sophisticated technology in the Logitech C930e Webcam delivers clear video and sound in virtually any environment, even low-light conditions. With 1080p resolution, H.264 video compression and a wide 90-degree field of view, C930e offers advanced webcam capabilities for superior video conferencing.

Great Video in Any Environment
Show your best side on every video call with 90-degree field of view, pan, tilt and 4x digital zoom. RightLight 2 Technology and a precision lens ensure sharp video even in low-light conditions.

Made for Business
Collaborate with confidence. C930e is compatible with Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber, and offers enhanced integration with BlueJeans, Broadsoft, LifeSize Cloud, Vidyo, and Zoom.

High Quality, Low Bandwidth
Meet in remarkably clear video – even when bandwidth is limited. C930 is optimized for Skype for Business and supports H.264 and UVC 1.5 video compression to minimize dependence on network resources.

Clear Stereo Audio
Make sure everyone hears the real you. Two microphones, one on either side of the webcam, capture natural stereo audio.

Wide Field-of-View
With a generous, 90-degree field of view, C930e can capture teams and whiteboards with ease.

Mounting & Privacy Options
An adjustable mounting clip and threaded base make it a breeze to secure the camera to computer monitors, laptops and tripods. A removable shade flips down to assure privacy when camera is not in use.

13, Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

Capture And Share It All In Glorious HD
Don’t miss a thing—enjoy high-quality 720p HD widescreen video together with crystal clear audio, with the LifeCam Cinema.
TrueColor Technology
Relax while the camera automatically sharpens your images and TrueColor adjusts exposure for bright, vibrant footage.
High-Precision Glass Lens
And for even sharper video, take advantage of the high-precision glass lens to improve the picture even in low light conditions.
• 720p HD widescreen video – 720p sensor captures true HD quality video at up to 30 fps.
• World-class optics – Auto Focus, High-precision glass element lens
• Clear, high-quality video – ClearFrame Technology for smooth, detailed video.
• Crystal-clear audio – Digital, noise-canceling microphone helps improve speech quality.
• Aluminum body
• Flexible stand for notebook and desktop PCs

14, 925A HDR Webcam

925A HDR Webcam

Blending true 1080P HD clarity with HDR dynamic Range, The 925A HDR Webcam is further characterized by its noise canceling microphone, smooth live stream and excellent compatibility. now call, stream, blog and record like a pro with 925A HDR Webcam.

Hardware Beauty Effect
No need software, facial-enhancement technology optimizes the image automatically, makes you look more beautiful in the video.

Background Replacement
Background replacement technology allows you to integrate your live image and any background scene, right onto your stream. (Need to become a member of Personify, Pay to use chromacam)

Technical Specifications
Aperture: F/2.0.
Focus Type: auto focus.
Focal length: 70mm to infinity
Suggest software: OBS studiovideo
Noise Cancelling Microphone
Dual omni-directional mics with noise cancellation reduces distracting background noise. Whether at home or in public places, webcam records natural and clear sound.
No Freezing. | H.264 Compression
Advanced H.264 compression technology enables fast uploads and streaming on social media and gaming.
Plug and Play
Easy to use and access, compatible with most social media platform.
• 【PRO 1080P WEBCAM】925A HDR webcam provides incredibly sharp 1080P HD to capture crystal clear images and records 1080p/30fps & 720p/60fps video. Perfect for streaming, conferencing, video chatting, webinars, gaming, distance learning and more. ★ Vitade offers 49 days money back & 1-years worry-free guarantee & friendly customer service★
• 【Hdr Dynamic Range】 Equipped with BSI back-illuminated sensor and high Dynamic Range to ensure quality even in changing light conditions. With autofocus, 925a HDR webcam quickly detect motion and capture object in a precise way
• 【Smooth Livestream】 Advanced H.264 compression technology enables fast uploads and streaming on social media and gaming such as Skype, obs, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Xbox One. (If you are unstable TO access Windows 10’s preinstalled Skype, Please go to the Skype official website to download the desktop version.) Perfect for streaming, conferencing, video chatting, webinars, gaming, online classes and more
• 【Stereo Microphone】Built-in Dual Omni-directional mics with noise cancellation effectively reduces distracting background noise for Natural and clear sound. Independent sound chamber optimizes for pristine, studio-quality sound
• 【Plug and Play】 Quick and Easy setup in 5 minutes. Compatible with Windows 7 8 10, Mac OS 10.6 and above. Supports Chrome OS, smart TV, and TV Box Android 5.0 or higher. Tripod-ready universal clip fits all laptops, Mac, LCD or monitors. Worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service

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