Top 9 Best Tempered Glass PC Case 2022 – 2023 [BUYER’S GUIDE]

1, be Quiet! Pro 900

be Quiet! Pro 900

be quiet! dark base Pro 900 Black Rev. 2 is the perfect case for all who expect the highest standards when it comes to modularity, compatibility and design.
Relocatable Motherboard Tray
The decoupled motherboard tray adapts to suit individual requirements, being completely relocatable and usable as a test bench. It can be adjusted to three different heights or installed alongside the left panel in an inverted layout with redefined airflow. It is fully compatible with E-ATX and XL-ATX motherboards.
Silent Wings 3
The three preinstalled Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM fans offer virtually inaudible operation. They are equipped with a smooth-running 6-pole motor, durable fluid-dynamic bearing and airflow-optimized fan blade design. The frame has funnel-shaped air inlets that generate high air pressure.
Modular HDD slots
The installation options are flexible thanks to repositionable single HDD slots. Supports up to five HDDs, ten SSDs and two optical drives out of the box. The practical slot covers serve to hide any unused HDD slots and keep the inner workings neat and tidy.
Functional PSU Shroud
The PSU shroud offers a variety of solutions – not just for hiding the PSU and to keep the system neat and tidy. The cover plates are separately detachable, making it possible to install a fan or an SSD on the top of the PSU shroud and leave enough space for a radiator in the front.
Full Circuit Airflow System
With its smart silence concept, Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 is the perfect case for the extreme requirements of overclocked systems and super silent water-cooled PCs. It can carry up to seven additional fans, up to four radiators and has noise-reducing vents all around the case that provide ultra-effective full circuit airfl
Dual Rail Fan Controller
The eight PWM fan connectors are divided over two rails, and each is switchable between Silence and Performance Mode. This makes it possible to create two cooling zones that can be controlled by just the front panel switch. If all fans shall run at the same speed, both channels can be switched to the same mode.
Tempered Glass and LEDs
The case is equipped with an elegant, fully windowed side panel that is made of tinted and tempered glass. The eye-catching internal LED illumination comes in six switchable colors. The LED stripes can be freely moved inside the PC case
Smart I/O Port and convenient charger
The front I/O port offers perfect compatibility for an high-end PC. A connector of USB 3.1 Type C Gen. 2 is supported. Integrated wireless charger for Qi enabled devices such as smart phones.
Available in three colors
Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 is available in three different color designs: Orange, Black and Silver.

2, CORSAIR Crystal 570X

CORSAIR Crystal 570X

With immaculate tempered glass enclosing the entire chassis, every component of your build is on display for all to see. The CORSAIR Crystal Series 570X provides enough space for virtually any size radiator and support for up to six case fans. With the three included SP120 RGB LED fans and built-in LED controller, you can liven up your build with brilliant lighting effects.
Four-panel Tempered Glass
With tempered glass enclosing the entire chassis, every component of your build is on display for all to see.
Light Up Your Build
With brilliant LED effects. Three included SP120 RGB LED fans and included LED controller keeps your components running cool.
Room For Practically Anything
Create as much space as you want with room for up to 6 case fans, virtually every size radiator or by removing fan trays.
Cable Management Made Simple
Cable routing channels with included velcro cable straps for clean cable management.
Direct Airflow Path
Drive cages are moved up and out of the path of cool air from the front intake fans and high-temperature components.
Minimal Setup
With tool-free drive installation and three-point dust filter access, the Corsair Crystal 570X is easy to build — and even easier to keep clean. You’ll spend less time on setup and maintenance, and more time enjoying your PC.

3, Phanteks Eclipse P350X

Phanteks Eclipse P350X

Clean interior –PSU Cover & HDDs. Tempered Glass window. Unique exterior design with integrated D-RGB Lighting. Integrated PSU cover
Fully Equipped with Magnetic Dust Filter. Long GPU Support (380mm/15in). Full Size PSU support. Equipped with 1x Phanteks 120mm Fans. Front I/O (2x USB 3.0, Headphone, Mic, D-RGB LED SW)
Integrated D-RGB Illumination modes + sync with D-RGB (addressable) motherboards/Phanteks D-RGB products. Optimized high-airflow design
2x Front Loaded 3.5″ HDD. Supports up to 240/280mm radiator in front. 3x SSD mounting location (2x bracket included)
Motherboard Support: ATX, uATX, mITX, (E-ATX* – up to 285mm wide). Front I/O: 2x USB 3.0, Mic, Headphone, D-RGB LED SW. Side Window: Yes, Tempered Glass

4, Thermaltake Versa H18

Thermaltake Versa H18

Designed for entry-level PC builders and gamers, Thermaltake Versa H18 Tempered Glass Edition Micro Case features the simplicity appearance with one durable 4mm thick left tempered glass window, easy cable management design, AIO liquid cooling compatible, and ample ventilation options. Supporting the latest PC hardware and all high-end GPU solutions, the Versa H18 TG is a good choice for those who opt for stylish PC case with manageable frame size and advanced features.
4mm Thick Left Tempered Glass Window Design
The 4mm thick left tempered glass panel guarantees the durability of the window and display your build with crisp clarity.
Built for Gamers
The tempered glass side panel allows users to display all component of the build, offering a direct view of inner system. The aluminum mesh front panel with Built-in Blue LED Strip and perforated top panel plus the heighted foot-stands at the bottom provide efficient airflow for the system.
Handy I/O Ports
The front panel is designed one USB 3.0 data transfer port, two standard USB 2.0 ports and one HD microphone and headset jacks, to grand direct access when needed.
Easy Cable Management
Wiring tangled problem no longer exists with the cable routing gap, hiding cables behind motherboard tray to ensure smoothness for building the system as well as better airflow. Plus, the pre-mounted PSU cover allows the entire bottom area of the case to be used to reorganize unused cables.
Superior Hardware Support
The hidden drive bays can house up to two 2.5” and two 3.5” storage devices at same time.
AIO Liquid Cooling Compatible
Supporting all types of AIO liquid cooling solutions, the Versa H18 TG has the capability to accommodate up to one 280mm radiator at the front and one 120mm radiator at the rear.
Optimized Ventilation
One 120mm rear turbo fans preinstalled. Along with three 120mm or two 140mm intake front fans (Not Included) as well as one 120mm or 140mm exhaust top fan (Not Included) to optimize system ventilation.

5, Riotoro CR500 TG

Riotoro CR500 TG

The upscale, yet budget-friendly, CR500’s tempered glass window provides a panoramic view of your PC components. And the CR500 is designed to provide the flexibility to build your high-performance dream PC. The robust steel chassis is engineered with dual chambers to isolate heat and Direct Airflow to streamline cooling of key components including the CPU and GPU. And with mount points for fans and radiators in the front and rear, your PC will run cool quiet even when pushed to its limits. Tool-free installation, flexible routing, and spacious layout make customizing your PC quick and effortless.
• Tempered glass paneling povides a sleek design and a clear view into the inner workings of the ATX Mid Tower Case.
• Is made with a perfect bland of steel and glass that provides a futuristic design and \the perfect balance between style and durability.
• Streamlined cooling effieciency is distributed through the entire unit thanks to direct airflow layout and dual chambers for maximum heat isolation.
• Has available fan mounting points in the front and rear to keep your PC in tip top shape even when being pushed to its limits.
• Tool Free Design and Cable Management makes building your system quick and easy

6, NZXT H400


Premium, all-steel construction with the sleek H-series design; available in four color combinations
Tempered glass panel showcases your build with crisp clarity
System installation and expansion made easy with all-new cable management system
Water-cooling installation simplified for both AIO and custom loop

7, NZXT H200i

NZXT H200i

The H200i showcases NZXT’s vision for modern PC building. This premium mini-ITX case features a unique CAM-powered Smart Device that digitally drives RGB lighting and fan performance. You can effortlessly control RGB lighting and fans, while Adaptive Noise Reduction optimizes your build’s acoustics through machine learning and ideal fan settings. Includes two integrated Aer F fans and a RGB LED strip.
Smart Controls That Matter
The H200i’s unique Smart Device includes features from our HUE+ and GRID+ V3 digital controllers, allowing for effortless control of RGB lighting and fans through CAM software. Customized lighting is streamlined with an integrated and individually addressable RGB LED strip. Don’t waste time checking compatibility, installing, or manipulating physical buttons; our out-of-the box, elegantly controlled CAM software is all you need.
Beautiful Craftsmanship
The H200i is available in four color combinations to match your taste, and its elegant all-steel construction is shared across all sizes in the H-series. The tempered glass panel and signature PSU shroud showcase beautiful builds.
• PREMIUM QUALITY: All-steel construction with the sleek H Series design; available in four color combinations
• SMART DEVICE: Built in RGB and digital fan controller powered by CAM, delivers HUE+ and GRID+ functionality and includes two pre-installed fans and RGB LED strips for dynamic personalization
• ADAPTIVE NOISE REDUCTION: optimizes cooling and noise balance for the best gaming comfort
• ALL-NEW CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Installation and expansion made easy with pre-installed channels and straps
• FULL TEMPERED GLASS PANEL: Showcase your build with crisp clarity
• WATER-COOLING READY: Installation simplified for both AIO and custom loop configurations
• INCLUDED: Two Aer F120mm fans for optimal airflow

8, InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass

InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass

The 301 provides a whole new Dimension with compact gaming PCs! this versatile M-ATX chassis provides users the option to liquid or Air cool while supporting larger hardware. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of transportation with it’s Tough 1.2 mm steel Structure and the tempered glass will be tougher to scratch, making it a perfect LAN rig. Assemble your powerful rig in this smaller package!.
• Detachable design cable management
• User friendly affixed thumbscrews
• Extra graphics cards support holder
• Quick removal design dust filter on the bottom
Sturdy Case Structure
The 301 is constructed of 1.2 mm SECC steel. The shock-proof stand keeps the rig nice and stable. These high quality materials will securely protect your hardware, and look great doing so!
Clean Exterior
Sometimes the simplicity of designs makes for wonderful works of art. The clean-cut appearance displays the craftsmanship of 301. The stunning front panel I/O is highlighted with a luminescent LED light, which is also effective while gaming in the dark. In Win is committed to users seeing, feeling and experiencing the quality of our products.
Tool-less Tempered Glass Side Panel
The 301’s 3 mm tinted tempered glass allows users to admire their builds inside and out. And the tool-less feature doesn’t even require thumbscrews with this elegant tempered glass side panel! Simply remove by pressing the button on the handle.



Top Dust Filter
Magnetic dust filter on top protectively stays in place to minimize particle buildup and is easy to remove for cleaning.
Front Dust Filter
Large magnetic dust filter in front shields case fans and maintains particle-free, constant airflow.
PSU Dust Filter
Removable dust filter below PSU mount makes it easy to clean out excess dust from the bottom of the computer case.
Extra Ventilation
Improve airflow and clear away heat from the PSU shroud basement via built-in vents and adding three optional 80mm fans.
Storage Options
Install either two HDD or SSD drives on the cage, plus an additional two SSD with the included drive slots.
Additional Storage
Install up to two additional HDD or SSD drives on top of the PSU shroud.
General Information
Brand: Rosewill
Type: ATX Mid Tower
Color: Black
Case Material: Steel / Plastic / Tempered Glass
With Power Supply: No
Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX
Side Panel Window: Yes
LED: Blue
External 5.25″” Drive Bays: No
Internal 3.5″” Drive Bays: 4 (0)
Internal 2.5″” Drive Bays: 5 (9)
Expansion Slots: 7
Fan Options
Front: 3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm Fan (3 x 120mm Blue LED fan pre-installed)
Top: 2 x 120mm Fan / 2 x 140mm Fan
Rear: 1 x 120 / 140mm Fan (1 x 120mm Blue LED fan pre-installed)
Dimensions & Weight
Max GPU Length Allowance: 360 mm
Max CPU Cooler Height Allowance: 170 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.98″ x 8.85″ x 17.13″
Weight: 20.28 lbs.
I/O Ports: 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, HD Audio In/Out, Fan Speed Control
120 mm Fans:
3 x Front Blue LED (pre-installed)
1 x Rear Blue LED (pre-installed)
2 x Top (optional)
140 mm Fans: 2 x Top (optional)
80 mm Fans: 3 x on the PSU Shroud (optional)
Supports 360 mm Water Cooling Radiator in Front
Supports 280 mm Water Cooling Radiator on Top
Supports up to 170 mm tall CPU Cooler
Supports up to 360 mm long VGA Card
Tempered Glass Front Panel and Side Panels
Top and Bottom Dust Filters

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